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Every event, including a corporate event, requires a specially designed tool to increase the engagement and interaction of the audience.

Corporate events and meetings also fall in the category of events and just like any other regular event, it too needs a tool to garner the attention and engagement of the audience.

If you are an event marketer or an event host looking for an appropriate strategy to do so, then you can rely on displaying real-time live Twitter feeds during your event.

Continue reading the blog till the end if you are unaware of what a live Twitter feed is about and you will get to know everything starting from the definition, benefits, and the perfect tools to display real-time live Twitter feeds on your website.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Live Twitter Feed?

A live Twitter feed can be referred to as a series of live tweets generated by the audience during the event while simultaneously displaying it on a screen like digital signage.

Live twitter feed in Conference


The tweets are aggregated continuously throughout the event using a social media aggregator tool and showcased to instill excitement within the audience and to engage more with the event.

Displaying real-time live Twitter feeds during the event is a great way to take your marketing efforts to the next level and to reap maximum benefits.

Being a highly leveraged platform, Twitter is an exceptional platform meant for microblogging. It serves as a platform where users openly discuss their opinions.

The audience of the event would immediately get attracted as such content is tough to be ignored. Now that you are familiar with what exactly a Live Twitter feed is, in the next section we shall be highlighting a few benefits of displaying it during your event.

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Major Benefits Of Displaying Live Twitter Feed During Event

  • Great For Engaging The Audience

Convincing your audience to tweet using a specific hashtag and displaying it in the form of a social wall is a sure shot way to increase the engagement of your attendees.

Moreover, who doesn’t like fame and being featured on a screen?

In a zest to have their Twitter handle being displayed on a screen, your audience will be more engaged than any other strategy that you may have thought about.

Engagement of the audience is of prime importance and defines the success of your event and can easily be achieved through displaying a real-time live Twitter feed.

  • Leave A Good Impression On The Attendees

Since the idea of displaying a live Twitter feed is a relatively new concept, it will work amazingly to leave a positive impression on the audience.

Moreover, the success of your event is not just limited throughout the duration of the event, it must be the talk of the town days after the event is over!

Utilizing a live Twitter wall is the best way to leverage technology during the event and will be exciting for the audience to see.

  • Showcase Your Brand

You can display your brand on a live Twitter wall. Utilize some space on the screen to add your brand’s logo or the motto of your brand as a banner or using a responsive Twitter aggregator, you can create a custom post and display it in between the event!

Best Tools To Display Live Twitter Feeds

  • Taggbox Display

Taggbox Display is the Best User-Generated Content platform and a Twitter aggregation platform that allows users to collect, curate, and display the content across various platforms.

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Taggbox Display is a highly responsive tool that offers many features. The users can customize the feeds by selecting from a variety of templates, layouts, fonts, colors, and other options. To maintain the quality of the content, the users can utilize the advanced moderation panel to remove any unwanted content.

The users can track the performance of the wall by getting total impressions, and the overall behavioral analysis of the attendees. The back support of the platform is robust and assists the users if they encounter any issues.

  • The Wallrus

Wallrus is another platform meant to display live streaming of posts during an event. Moreover, the tools allow the users to display ads in between the streaming. Overall, the users would enjoy complete control over the event throughout and the strategy will be implemented seamlessly!

  • Everwall

Another great tool to display a live Twitter feed during the event is Everwall. The tool offers an analytics feature to the users. Apart from this, the users can enjoy other features like customization, content moderation, and other options to improve the presence of the wall.

Final Conclusion

We are at the conclusion bit of the blog and you are now aware of the significance of displaying a real-time live Twitter feed during your corporate meeting. Irrespective of the nature of the event, you need to make sure that the audience is not getting bored and on the verge of leaving midway.

To avoid such situations, this strategy works best. Now that you know the benefits and the best tools display a live Twitter feed during your next event, incorporate it into your next event, and see the changes yourself!