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People have suffered a lot due to lockdown because many sectors have remained close for so long for which they have suffered financial crises. According to the principles of demand and supply, if there would be demand for a product, only then there would be a supply. Some people hesitate to spend money on shopping because they want to save money for uncertain situations in the future, but if there will be no demand, then there will not be any supply, and a nation can suffer a period of depression. Shopkeepers can benefit from people who will purchase products from them. Moreover, people are fed up with sitting idle, and they do not want to sit at home for more time. They want to earn money for which there should be customers. If you are from an upper-middle-class family, then you can aid small vendors and street hawkers by purchasing things from them. It is true that people have faced many problems in lockdown, but this does not mean that they should befool people to sell their products.

Doing the following things can help in the growth of the economy. 

Do online shopping for maintaining social distancing

We will have to recover the loss which we have suffered during the period of lockdown, but we should also try to take as many precautions as possible. In order to avoid physical contact, we should purchase all the items of Diwali online. This will help in maintaining social distancing along with boosting the economy. So, do not be afraid to do expenses on buying sweets, flowers, dresses, or other things online. You can surprise your sibling on this Diwali who is living away from family because of his or her job by send Diwali flowers online or anything which he or she likes. 

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Do shopping for the circulation of money 

The universe is round and whatever we give to others comes back to us, whether directly or indirectly. Saving money can not help in the circulation of money, which can increase it. For example, if you are investing your money in any productive thing which can further increase your money, then you can have more money in the future. There should also be a circulation of money for the growth of the economy, which has slowed down because of the spread of covid19 and lockdown. 

Do shopping from different sources 

It would be better if you check and purchase things from different online websites. If you look for your product at more shopping sites, then this will assist you in making comparisons easily, and you can have experience of buying from different online brands. If you do not want to take risks, then you can do the shopping from two or more renowned websites.

Do shopping for different things 

You often purchase numerous things on Diwali, so this Diwali, do the same and do not avoid spending on things like Diwali cakes, clothes, decorative items, flowers, and sweets. This does not mean that you should spend unnecessarily on things that are not required by you. You can gift things to others like any friend of you who cannot afford to buy things on Diwali or poor people who wish for the things you take for granted. These people who do not have any savings or ancestors’ wealth would have suffered a lot in the lockdown. Make them feel by sending presents to them. 

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Do shopping for productive things 

You should prefer to do the shopping of those things on this Diwali, which can be useful for you in the long run. You can invest money in any technology which is not going to become obsolete in the near future or jewelry, the price of which can increase in the near future. 

Now all the sectors will have to be opened for the sake of the economy; otherwise, the government and businesses will suffer loss. We can’t stop the spread of covid19, but we can make our bodies strong enough to fight the disease. We can not sit at home for more time, so we should just eat healthy to make our immune system strong. Therefore, this Diwali, instead of buying sweets, buy fruit cakes with less sugar, dry fruits, and fruits. 

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