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  1. Easy and Convenient Admission Process

Kazakhstan provides a budget MBBS program but also offers an easy and convenient admission process.

  1. Offering an Effective MBBS Course

Kazakhstan is famous for offering an effective MBBS course through its highly ranked medical schools and the Visa is also easily available for the students for studying in the country.

  1. Universities Do Not Charge Donation

The best part about studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is that the universities of Kazakhstan do not charge any type of donation.

  1. No Capitation Fee Pay during Admission

There is no capitation fee pay for getting admissions to the medical students in its universities which is very commonly charged in private Indian medical schools.

  1. Basic Tuition and Accommodation Fee

The students are just charged a basic tuition fee and an accommodation fee which the students would be informed in advance.

  1. Economical and Easily Affordable Education

These both the fees are economical and easily affordable for the student which doesn’t raise a burden on them.

  1. Faculties and Professors are Highly Qualified

The faculties and professors of the medical schools of Kazakhstan are highly qualified and skilled which is the most important factor in any medical school.

  1. Always Support the Students

Also, the professors and teachers are very cooperative and always support the students in their courses and problems related to the course.

  1. Learning Efficiently and Effectively

Ensure that the students are learning efficiently and effectively.

  1. Mandatory for the Universities

The medical governing body of Kazakhstan has already made it mandatory for the Universities of Kazakhstan.

  1. Educate International Students in English
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To educate the International students in English only this is why many Universities of Kazakhstan are approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India).

  1. Modern Labs and Simulation Centers

The Universities of Kazakhstan have modern labs and simulation centers that are used for practice by the students.

  1. Opportunity to Keep Improving Their Skills

University gives them an opportunity to keep improving their skills in a natural environment.

  1. Latest Equipment and Technologies

The modern labs of the universities of the country have many latest equipment and technologies available for the students to learn from which is used in the top tier countries.

  1. Choose Top-Ranked Country

The medical course in Kazakhstan is no less than any top-ranked country which is why many international students choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  1. Take Admission in MCI Approved University

It is important for any student to take admission only in the MCI (Medical Council of India) approved Kazakhstan University.

  1. Finalizing the University with a Professional Consultant

So it is suggested to always consult a professional consultant before finalizing the university.

  1. Kazakh National Medical University

The Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU) which is located in Almaty city was established in the year 1931 and in the year 2001 the university was given the status of a National University.

  1. Medical Courses and Specializations

There are many different medical courses and specializations which the students can pursue in the university.

  1. Variety of Options and Courses

That gives the students a variety of options and courses to pursue their studies.

  1. 11000+ Students Studying in KNMU
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Currently, around 11000 students are studying at the Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU) which includes both National and International Students.

  1. Latest Resources and Cutting Edge Technology

The KNMU (Kazakh National Medical University) offers the students the latest resources and cutting edge technology which gives them slightly an edge over many other students who are studying in many countries.

  1. Sports Complex for Students Entertainment

The sports complex is also offered for the students in the KNMU (Kazakh National Medical University) where the students can play many games of their choice.

  1. Formed Many Clubs and Student Bodies

The students have also formed many clubs and student bodies that encourage students to expand their dynamics.

  1. Facilities Offered in the Campus

There are facilities such as a library, gym, cafeteria, laundry rooms, free Wi-Fi, kitchens that are offered on the campus to the students.

  1. House Accommodation Facilities

The KNMU (Kazakh National Medical University) offers in house accommodation facilities for the International students.

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