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Although nations worldwide strive to restrict the rapid growth of COVID 19 incidents, the training sector is overlooked. While all institutes, schools and universities have been called on by the central government, the State Government and the Ministry for Education to follow a virtual model of education. The key concept behind it was that students would have access to education from home comfort. This system has to some degree benefited many children around the world.

However, for the poorest, most disadvantaged and disabled children this approach has had a significant impact. Because of their economic conditions, this group of kids already struggle a lot. These students have also struggled to obtain fair training and work opportunities. More has been compounded by COVID 19. Well before the pandemic, too many children were less educated than the government could see or solve.

Despite the fact that the government and the education ministry strive best to reduce this difference. The two most important criteria were called into question during this pandemic. One way is to ensure a quality education for these disadvantaged and needy students. Question 2 is what will happen in the near future if such a pandemic hits us. Both problems also play an significant role in the country’s GDP.

Let’s review how in the middle of COVID 19, some of the top schools give education:

Establish a secure education before school is physically reopened:

When a global pandemic closes schools and colleges, teachers, government and management need to make alternative plans to control proper learning and teaching. The learning process can be displayed via different modes, such as radio , tv, cell phone and internet. In addition, the language used in the delivery of education through Internet platforms must be given special attention. Teachers and administrators should look at a programme online from the student viewpoint.

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One of the best CBSE schools in Faridabad like Dynasty International School has already developed an online platform that teaches not only children but also carries out a range of activities to give kids monotonous online learning a necessary break.

Reopening Safe School:

Schools and government, the ministry of health and education, before telling students and parents about the re-opening of schools, should work very close and professionally. The current situation should be analysed because students are very vulnerable to viruses. You should brace yourself to open the school physically. The health issue should be taught in classrooms. You should provide you with relevant facts and figures to help you understand more about the virus. In addition, it would be very helpful to enforce the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation.

The importance of mental health is another very important aspect that schools need to teach their students. It is necessary to know how students feel, whether it’s physical or remote learning? Teachers also don’t want to meet students more than their academic standards. But the old tradition of school should be changed. There is no sure or uncertain explanation why a student can feel like this. However, as teachers, we motivators should function physically and emotionally proactively for our student’s good health.

The creation of safe schools and healthy communities

The government should use schools as a wider way to increase public health awareness. Students should know more about the pandemic worldwide. They should also be taught how to provide other children with assistance to responsible children and residents of the world. One way of educating them is to help less motivated children and citizens of the world. Why is staying at home important? In this way, students learn how to contribute to the development or growth of the country.

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Losses should be measured

Knowing that remote education will only benefit a few students so it needs to be done to ensure that learning is as effective as possible. Schools or the state should concentrate on developing the students ‘ skills. In addition, they should also value teaching based on skills. Due to this pandemic, most students experience significant losses in their learning.

Not only schooling, but also food and nutrition are the losses. Vulnerable students have been criticised for their sustainability. The closing of schools has placed women and girls trapped into their homes. They endure extreme abuse or domestic violence. It can not be explained in the right way. The overall development of the country is only hindered by the darkness of the girls and women.

It is also time to establish effective law enforcement and track how well it operates.

Top rated schools in Faridabad have provided gender equal opportunities for learning and being the country’s noble people. Both of them have the same educational standard.

Innovation within the education sector

The need for creativity within the education sector has been urged by COVID 19. One of the major problems facing all the sectors of students is to provide quality education. This pandemic added unwelcome figures to the economy. It is difficult to deliver a good standard of education to all students in this situation. Because the government can not afford to cover its expenses.

We hope all these issues will be resolved very soon. But we can’t rely on chance or luck entirely on the same note. These issues must be tackled with our best foot.