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Mehndi design is the tradition of Indian culture. We apply mehndi in our hands, feet, and various body parts. It is made up of dry leaves of the henna plant. The color is brown and is used for various purposes. Unable to find mehndi’s design online? Waiting for the precious day of marriage? The perfect mehndi design of 2020 is on the way. You are on the right track follow this article and your doubts are cleared. Arabic mehndi design 2020 will show you the true colors.  All your doubts will get clear after reading this article in detail.

True colors and types of Arabic mehndi

According to Hindu traditions, weddings and mehndi are correlated. Arabic Mehndi designs are trending in this marriage season. In India, mehndi became part of every auspicious occasion and ceremony. Some types of Arabic mehndi design 2020 are given below.

Floral round design

Multiflorous round mehndi design depicts the beauty of circular placement at the back of the hand and fingertips. The name suggests a round and flower-like structure. This design will add beauty to your hand.

Little finger design

The Arabic mehndi design of the pinky finger depicts the backside design starting from the pinky finger covering the entire hand. The pattern you will notice here will be of designer Jaali.

Abstract design

The beauty of this design is that it will touch the modern style of themehndi. This design will give a proper look at the latest pattern.

Multiple jaali design

This is one of the popular and famous designs. The pattern will be of net format. You can draw this design front as well as backside of your hand in net format.

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LACE design

This design is done at the back of the hand. The structure will be a rose motif at the center. A big lace design will give proper look. This Arabic mehndi look will become the center of attraction.

Ring style design

The name itself suggests ring style which means starting from ring finger both front as well as the backside of your hand. The specialty of this design is beautiful string designs.

Motif design

The hard motif design is an innovative style beautifully structured. This Arabic design is quite heavy because it is a one-sided design.

Bracelet style design

One of the easiest and trending bendy design is bracelet style design. This design is usually made on the back or front of the wrist. The simplicity of this design is the simple appearance.

Hanging design

This design is applied to the backside of your hand. The front and backside of will give hanging look. This design looks quite precious and innovative.

Glove pattern

Arabic mehndi design 2020 are many but the unique style glove pattern is seen rare. This pattern is quite fancy after it is applied. It will take the structure of gloves.

Beautiful front hand design Arabic mehndi!

Talking about Arabic mehndi design 2020 we notice various shapes. Arabic design can easily be noticed on the bride’s hand. The shape will be of a peacock feather, hanging bells, leaves, stars, Rangoli patterns, and much more.

Symmetrical design

The geometrical structure depicts an eye-catching look of symmetrical Arabic design. This look requires focus and cautions while doing. You need to balance this look so that it gives you an eye-catching and well-balanced result.

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Bell design

The name itself says about the structure of this Arabic mehndi design. This is structure will appear as hanging bells which are beautifully maintained.

Bold design

This design will give you highlighted thicknesses applied to your hand. The overall design will be of a bold look.

Classic look

One of the trending and classy looks with innovative ideal design is a classic look. It avoids tacky motif and gives you good look.

Why Arabic design better?

Arabic mehndi design has medicinal benefits. It is a natural product and can benefit our body. Some medicinal benefits are.

  •  Skin problems will get cure with mehndi. It will remove the bacterial skin infection and suit the wounded and burnt place.
  • Mehndi will give relief from headaches. From henna leaves, you can obtain Flowers which you can apply to your skin to avoid trouble in your life.
  • Applying mehndi on your hair is also beneficial. Problem-related to hair like damage, breakage can be cured with Arabic mehndi.


Mehndi is the safest substance used by adults and children. All the types of Arabic mehndi design 2020 are mentioned above. Easy to use and easy to dry here comes the Arabic mehndi try. The add-on beauty in your marriage ceremony is Arabic mehndi design. “Feel the beauty and essence in life once you apply Arabic mehndi in your marriage time”. Always remember that ” Design is something you get from your mind, invent it and catch up at right time”.