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Can you wear sunglasses with a prescription? 

As the Spring season approaches fast, now is the time to get summer clothes out of the closet. The most important summer staple has to be sunglasses, especially as now people are going out more. Whether it is to the beach while driving or just to relax on your patio, a pair of sunnies totally transforms your look. 

For years, people with a prescription have avoided wearing sunglasses. They either have had to wear sunglasses over their spectacles, buy expensive prescription sunglasses or compromise with their vision with non-prescription sunglasses. But things have changed now! Prescription sunglasses are really popular in the market now and have become much more accessible. You get both style and substance without burning a hole in your pocket. 

But what makes an essential pair of sunnies? There are 2 main elements – 

  • Polarised lenses – Polarised sunglasses have an anti-glare coating that helps you see clearly and comfortably even in bright conditions. They work by blocking horizontal rays which reflect off surfaces like snow, water and metal surfaces like car hoods. They are really important for visual clarity in this day and age.
  • Anti-UV coating – A you may already know, UV rays are a part of natural light, and overexposure to them can be harmful to us. Apart from damaging the skin, they can affect our eyes as well. According to experts, it can lead to conditions like cataract and photokeratitis. Frames with an anti-UV coating help block these rays from reaching your eyes.
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These coatings are a necessity these days, and they don’t have to cost a bomb. You can get cheap sunglasses with these essential features. 

What glasses can be used as prescription sunglasses

Most eyewear styles can be converted to prescription sunglasses. Just search for sunglasses online and look for your favourite styles. Although larger frames are usually used as sunglasses, it depends on the particular eyewear company and your own preferences. 

Sunglasses trends 2021

If you are confused about which sunglasses to buy, here’s a list of trends that will rule the roost in 2021. 

The list includes evergreen classics like cat eyes and aviators, with a few modern, trendy ones. Go through them and find your pick! 

  1. Oversized sunglasses – One of the celebrities’ favourite looks, oversized sunglasses have become really popular in the past few years. Whichever shape you choose, they give off a very fashionable look. Pair them with a leather jacket to make heads turn. This year, oversized sunnies in a tortoiseshell print frame will be the trend. 
  2. Cat-eye sunglasses – The shortcut to a sassy and quirky look. This retro-inspired frame is back with a bang in its modern avatar. For a few years, subtle styles which are a mix of round and cat-eye were popular. But now, sharper and edgier cat eyes with prominent upsweeps are gaining popularity.  
  3. Crystal frames – You may have already come across transparent or clear glasses. The 2021 update to that is crystal sunglasses, which are translucent frames in different colours. Some of the most stylish shades include pastel tones like nude pink, cherry red and jade green. And they are not just for the women! Men’s sunglasses include shades of blue, grey and brown. 
  4. Geometric sunglasses – These include frames that have sharp edges and angles, usually more than four. Hexagon frames are the most common among them. For an elegant vibe, go for sleek metal geometric sunglasses in silver or gold. They go especially well with formal wear.
  5. Round sunglasses – For a young, hip vibe, circular sunglasses are the best. They lend a very playful look to your ensemble. They especially suit people with square or rectangular face shapes.