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A rear-end collision occurs when the front of one vehicle crashes with the rear of another. Excessive speeding, irresponsible driving, and inattentiveness are the primary causes of rear-end car accidents. So, if you have suffered damages due to a rear-end collision, it is crucial to take legal action and file an accident claim.

What are some reasons that lead to rear-end collisions?

Typically, a variety of factors contribute to rear-end collisions. A rear-end collision’s cause may depend on a number of variables, including the state of the road, the weather, the flow of traffic, and the irresponsibility of the driver, among other factors.

What are the stats of rear-end collisions in California?

According to a source, in one recent year nationwide, rear-end collisions numbered 1.5 million. Out of these, 2,428 resulted in fatalities, and 417,062 caused injuries. In total, across the country, 1,633 people died, and 483,675 suffered injuries due to rear-end crashes.

Looking specifically at California, 358 people lost their lives in rear-end collisions. Additionally, 91,091 people suffered injuries, with 536 of them experiencing severe injuries.

Determining Liability for Rear-End Auto Accident Injuries in Bakersfield:

In a rear-end collision, the trailing or rear driver is often held accountable for the damage, however, several exceptions have been reported. For instance, if the leading driver was reckless, such as driving while intoxicated, they may be more to blame for the collision than the motorist behind them. In these situations, contributory and comparative negligence regulations can establish who was principally at fault for the collision, thereby lowering or eliminating the lead driver’s recoverable damages.

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In California, those who have suffered injuries in a rear-end accident can pursue compensation from any at-fault party involved. However, if there is comparative negligence, the compensation received is determined based on the level of responsibility of the driver. As per the statute of limitations, according to section 335.1, victims are given a two-year time frame to file a claim.

Final Thoughts:

Consulting an attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options after being involved in a rear-end collision and ensure that you are fairly paid for any damages or injuries you may have had as a result of the collision. An attorney can also help you with dealing with insurance companies and navigating the complex legal system.

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