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free keyword research tools, Keyword research is the process of searching for new keyword opportunities to optimize your website content, improve search rankings and increase traffic volume.

There are several free keyword research tools available, but few deliver good results consistently. I have tried them all, and below are some of my favourites that give you results quickly in a short time without costing you any money or even requiring registration.

1. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Google’s own Keyword Research tool is an excellent way to get started with understanding which keywords will be relevant for visitors seeking content on your website. Just type an interest or inquiry into the ‘Find new keywords using a phrase, website or category’ box, and Google will display related terms and the number of searches in total and per month.

Google suggests targeting keywords with at least 500 average monthly searches, but if you choose too broad a keyword. It can turn out to be less effective than you expected. By using this Google keyword tool. You will determine which search terms have the potential for your content based on three important factors.

Positive Keyword Competition:

How hard is it going to be for you to rank for that term? If hundreds of other pages compete for a position, then your chances of ranking are slim. Relevance – How relevant is that topic or subject matter on your website? Quality score – Is the page optimized for those keywords? Do they fit naturally into the content? Will visitors who land on that page find what they are looking for immediately. It will it take them a while to understand the purpose of that page. Watch as I use Google’s keyword tool to help me determine which keywords are relevant and helpful for my client. Contractor Best Practices, to optimize their website content:

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Google’s keyword research tool is free and easy to use. However, there are a few things you should consider before deciding if it is the best free keyword research tool for your needs:

2. Word Tracker

If you need more than just AdWords data as information for your strategy. Then Wordtrackeris a great way to gather information. It has a large database of search terms and will provide you with more keyword suggestions than the Google Keywords tool, including related ones.

Word tracker is also great for determining how competitive. That term or keyword is by telling you its monthly searches so you can narrow down your focus on those that are most relevant and popular with your target audience. Best of all, Word Tracker works well across multiple platforms such as PPC (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and their website.

3 The SEO Book Keyword Tool

The guys over at SEO Book have created a free keyword research tool in Excel to help businesses understand. What keywords people use when searching for products and services like theirs.

It will help you determine how many people search for your product or service each month in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. Best of all, it works on Macs and PCs, saving you a lot of time if you’re using multiple computers!

4. Market Samurai

For more advanced keyword research and analysis, I rely on an SEO software tool called Market Samurai. It allows me to look at ideas from a new perspective to find opportunities that the competition may have missed. Best of all, it’s now completely free of charge (it used to be $99) – User beware though. It has some pretty steep learning curve, especially when combined with other software like SEO Quake.

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One of the more useful features included in Market Samurai is its Keyword Competitor Analysis (KCA). Which can be found under the “Keyword Research” section. This will tell you what keyword your competitors are using so you can start capitalizing on a keyword you may have previously overlooked. Best of all, it’s now completely free of charge (it used to be $99) – User beware though. It has some pretty steep learning curve. Especially when combined with other software like SEO Quake.

5. Word stream

Word Stream offers a free version for those looking for an easy-to-use keyword research tool that provides data ad strategies for PPC campaigns. Best of all, it’s now completely free of charge (it used to be $99) – User beware though.  It has some pretty steep learning curve. Especially when combined with other software like SEO Quake.

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