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The period of pregnancy brings joy and laughter in a woman’s life and it is that one auspicious period where they feel complete and special regardless if it is the first child or third. Becoming a mother is very special and it carries equal happiness for the father as well but this whole duration is full of responsibilities which need to be followed sincerely, this is because from the time a woman is pregnant and until she delivers a baby, the whole period is very sensitive. 


The delivery however comes as a very painful task for most of the women and they do their bits in all manner to be physically as well as mentally prepared for the labor pain they have to go through. This pain can be very intolerable even for the strongest of the women and they want to get over this as quickly as possible. Some chose to prefer C-section after considering all the things with their doctor and it comes as a last resort since a normal delivery is still considered to be the best bet for a pregnant woman.

This is because C-sections have various side effects attached to them and most of the doctors focus on going for the normal delivery of a pregnant woman until or unless it is not possible. To make the normal delivery least painful and healthily deliver the baby, you should focus on getting started with some quick workouts which can be performed right at home only, and with these quick movements and a healthy sleeping position, you can ensure to have good results.

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Consider using foot pillow heel protectors while you are sleeping to maintain an upright sleeping posture. Read this article to know more about the exercises which you can perform with each trimester for having a normal delivery of your baby and enjoy a blessed family time further ahead.





Start by lying on the ground straight in a relaxed position with controlled breathing. Keep one arm under the head and another one across the body. Keep your knees flexed throughout and keep the heels on top of another in a similar position. Maintaining this, raise the legs in such a manner that both your heels stay together and then hold onto this for a few seconds, come to relax, and then proceed with the same again.


For this exercise, stand against a wall in such a manner that your head could easily lean back and the butt area is firmly pressed against the walls. Keep the position upright and make sure your body and shoulders are in a relaxed position with a controlled breathing pattern. And now get started with flexing the knees slightly and maintain the arms pressed firmly against the walls. Now take a look at your forearms to ensure that they are moved at 90 degrees in comparison to the upper arms. Move your arms overhead while bringing the elbow straight and press the palms along with the wrists against the walls. You can later use the armrest cushion to provide the much needed cushioning post-exercise.


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To proceed with this exercise, you need to form a pose of a cat first. Tuck in both of your toes while spreading the fingers. Now, with a uniform motion, start lifting your hips slowly in the upwards direction. While performing this exercise, you have to ensure that your heels are touching nicely on the floor. Now bring your head down while keeping both the hands stretched, don’t compromise with the posture at any cost. Now flex one of your knees, it might be tough in the beginning but with little practice, you would be able to do that, and then later hold onto this position for some time. After an interval, straighten up your leg and do the flexing with the other knee this time. Repeat the pattern for a few minutes.


This one also demands a cat pose to perform the exercise and then keep your palms on the floor in a flat manner and toes pointed. Now try gently to form an arch with your back and bring your head downwards. Keep the head straight in between both the shoulders so that it can form a rounder shape with your spine. Hold this position for some time and then repeat the process.





Squats is a deep core exercise and once performed correctly, it can cover the major portion of your legs, shoulder, back, and arms. Place the legs in a shoulder-width apart position and join the hands together. Focus on your breathing pattern, make it relaxed and uniform while bringing your hip into a sitting position. Hold sometime in this manner and then stand up to the original position. Ensure that you have loose clothing which will provide comfort while performing this exercise.