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Many business owners wonder if they need professional product photography services. They don’t know what’s included in the services and how it can benefit, which means they try DIY solutions first and only reach out to professionals after they are left dissatisfied with the results. Here’s a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about product photography to help you decide whether that service is the right choice for you:


  1. What Are Product Photography Services?


Product photography is the process of taking sharp, clean, and impactful images of a company’s products. It is a part of commercial photography services and is provided by trained, experienced professionals. This service goes beyond just taking beautiful images of the items, it involves making a statement and establishing a strong brand presence.


Experienced photographers know how to stage the product, set up proper lighting, and tweak the camera functions to get the best results. Professionals also use sophisticated equipment like expensive lenses, high-end mirrorless cameras, and efficient photo-editing software to ensure the results are impressive. Most phone or point-to-shoot cameras can’t match the results provided by professional equipment.


  1. What Are the Different Types of Product Photography Services?


Photography services come in different forms and you need to choose which option is right for your business after thorough research. Here’s a brief look at the options available to clients today to help you understand:


  • Independent Photographers – Independent photographers run their own business and have their equipment. They don’t have a dedicated studio so they either travel to the client’s location or create a set in their home. These professionals are more flexible and don’t have to deal with high overhead costs, which means they are more affordable than full studios. If you’re on a tight budget but still need professional product photography services, they’re a good choice.
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  • Studio Photography – A dedicated product photography studio can offer a wide range of expert services from lighting to staging. Some studios also offer prop or accessories-making services if needed. They’re a good choice if you have a large inventory of products and need some consistency in quality. Studios can be expensive and the only way to save money on this option is to choose a local establishment. You won’t have to spend as much on shipping costs.


Both options have their pros and cons so consider them carefully before making a decision. You can also consult with professional photographers in the area to get some advice. A reputable professional will provide honest and straightforward recommendations. It is also a good idea to get quotes from multiple vendors and compare them carefully.


  1. Do I Need Them?


People make important purchase decisions based on how a product is presented to them. Great images attract customers and impress them, triggering their shopping impulses. High-quality photography doesn’t just look beautiful, it also conveys a lot of information to the customer. These shots are taken from multiple angles and showcase the product dimensions as well as coloring accurately.


Experts also ensure your product is the hero of the image and creates a sense of awe in the customer. For example, a sleek mobile phone against a jet-black background can influence a customer’s emotions. A professional photographer doesn’t just understand how to take hero images but also understands the customer mindset. Most experts will conduct thorough research into the product, target market, and competitors before coming up with a plan.

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  1. What is Included in Professional Product Photography Services?


A full product photography service includes everything necessary to create a finished image for a client. Discuss the service in detail with your photographer to see what’s included and excluded. You may have to pay extra for things like shipping, packaging, props, etc. Usually, most product photography services include:


  • Pre-production consultation and planning.
  • Studio or set organization.
  • Product photography from different angles and with different lenses.
  • Hiring models and getting props for lifestyle or creative in-studio photography.
  • Comprehensive post-production editing and fine-tuning.


There are three types of photography in this field; product on white, creative in-studio, and lifestyle. Creative in-studio and lifestyle photography is more expensive because there are props and models involved. Product on white is the most affordable service and won’t include the cost of any additional accessories.


  1. What Kind of Budget Do I Need to Set?


Professional product photography can cost anywhere between $35 and $170 per image, depending on the photographer’s pricing model. The ‘image’ in such a quote is the finished product that’s ready for marketing, promotion, sale, and other such purposes. If you want to take five images of 10 products, you may need to spend anywhere between $1,750 and $8,500.


The cost may seem too much, but these standard product images can be used on social media platforms, press releases, company brochures, e-commerce websites, and even on competitive platforms like Amazon. They are polished, professional-grade images that can generate thousands of converting leads. Many business owners find that product photography ends up costing barely a fraction of the revenue it generates. One can never underestimate the power of a beautiful image.

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  1. How is Product Photography Pricing Handled?


Different studios price product photography services differently. Many offer multiple pricing options so you can choose what is most convenient for you. The options include:


  • Per Product – In this pricing model, the photographer will charge for every product they shoot. The cost of photographing small, easy-to-manage items is usually lower than products that are too big or very tiny.
  • Per Image – In this category, the studio will charge money for every finished picture delivered to the client. For example, if the photographer takes 100 images but only delivers 75 polished images, you will only need to pay for those 75.
  • Per Day or Per Hour – Under this pricing model, the studio will charge a fixed amount for an hour or an eight-hour day.


Hiring professional product photography services is a worthwhile investment, even for small businesses on a limited marketing budget. Good-quality images will impress your client and help you establish a strong reputation online. However, it is important to hire a reliable and trustworthy professional for the job. Conduct in-depth research into the different vendors in your area and find someone that fits your requirements perfectly.

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