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Birthdays are awesome, especially those that mark milestones in life. One of the most significant milestone birthdays is turning 30. When a person turns 30, he or she needs to find interesting ways to celebrate it. Turning 30 only happens once in a lifetime, so you better make the best out of it. I am sure that the last milestone birthday you had that made you go crazy was turning 21. You had all the fun you wanted since this is the legal drinking age. Now that you are turning thirty, you realize that life is not all about having fun but facing challenges. Yes, you are getting older, and it is time to sober up and take life seriously. Celebrating 30 years on earth gives you time to reflect on what you have accomplished, what you have not achieved, and what you need to change or do differently to achieve it.

You have celebrated so many birthdays, and it seems that you are running out of ideas on marking your birthday celebration. Turning thirty is like transitioning to another phase in life. Therefore, you need to approach this transition more soberly. You can decide to have a wild party for the last time to say bye to say buy to the wild and free life, or you can cross over to the thirties subtly and soberly. Whatever you choose to do on your 30th birthday, make sure that you enjoy the moment. You can invite close friends over or go out and have fun. But if you are caught up in limbo and undecided on what to do on your birthday, read on for awesome 30th birthday ideas that you can try out.

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Karaoke Night 

If you like groups and loud music, then going for a karaoke night with close friends or your colleagues is a perfect way to celebrate your 30th birthday. You don’t need to have a lot of cash for this interesting 30th birthday idea. All you require to do is rent a karaoke stage for the night and sing all night long with your friends. Don’t mind if your voice isn’t pleasant, sing your lungs out as you enjoy your favorite tunes. The next day, you will wake up sober and ready to grab the challenges that the 30’s have to offer by the horns. 


If you are not scared of heights or falling fast from the skies, this will be an interesting activity to try out when you turn 30. To get the best skydiving experience, you need to look for a professional skydiver who has the proper gear and has enough skydiving experience. Even if you are afraid of heights, turning thirty is a perfect time to face your fears. Skydiving is among the very many activities you will find on bucket lists; therefore, if it is on your container list, it’s time to check it. I emphasize that you have tried skydiving as one of your 30th birthday activities. It is like a rebirth experience that makes you feel brand new. 

Learn Something New 

When you are turning 30, one of the things that you need to try out is to learn something new. Whether it’s dancing, sign language, cooking, riding a horse, or any other new thing that you haven’t had time to do, it is time you start learning to improve yourself. You can cook lessons with your spouse or girlfriend and learn to prepare a dish that you have always wanted. This will give you that self-satisfaction you have always been looking for. 

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Try a Lotto 

If you are not a fan of buying lottery tickets and trying your luck, it is time that you try your luck. To make it interesting, buy 30 tickets and play them all to see where your luck takes you. This is a fun way to spend your 30th birthday. If you don’t win anything, don’t beat yourself. You have nothing to lose since it was all about having pure fun on your 30th birthday. But if you win, it will be a very good experience. 

Make an Old School Playlist 

Another interesting way to mark your 30th birthday celebration is to make a long playlist of your old school jams and listen to it all day alone or with your close friends. This is a perfect way to relax and reminisce about the good old days. 


When you are looking for the best way to mark your 30th birthday, you don’t need to think so hard. There are a lot of ways to celebrate your 30th birthday, and these 30th birthday ideas will help you make your birthday fun and interesting alone or with close friends. 

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