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Friends- this may be a simple word, but there are thousands of feelings hidden under this word. Well, if you have good friends in your life, you will get what it means. Friends are not just some people we chit chat and hang around with; they are the ones who make life much easier. They may not have a solution to all your problems, but at least you will have people along who will make you laugh so hard that you will forget about your problems. So, if you have friends around you whom you can run up to any time, you are one lucky soul. 

But it is not always that people we love always live around us. Sometimes, they move far away on different lands that only calls, and video calls can help you reconnect. Sometimes it is not possible to run to them when the slightest thing in life goes wrong. But you know that they still have your back no matter what happens in life, right?. So, this is a shoutout to those friends who know how to maintain a friendship even when miles apart. Send online gifts to him or her and let them know that you truly miss them and, most importantly, love them. The following are gift ideas for your long-distance buddies. 

F.R.I.E.N.D.S inspired photo frame

I hope you all know what gift I’m talking about. Well, if you and your best buddy are a “friends” fan, then you will know what exactly this gift is. The famous frame at the back of the door of “Monica” from friends show is a total steal. Though the frame is incomplete, it still is popular stuff from the show. So, you can send this identical frame to your long-distance friends, and they can put it on the back of their door. It will be an ideal pick only if he or she is a friends fanatic. You will find it in the same yellow color with the same detailing on online websites. 

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Glowing friendship lamps

Next on the list is a gift that is made, especially for people who live miles apart but still want to remind the other how much they love each other. Well, it is a glowing lamp and before you raise doubts about what is so special about the lamp, let me tell you what is so special about this lamp. The lamp comes in a set of two, and when you tap one of them, the other one will also glow automatically, irrespective of the distance two are kept. Yes, you read that right, you tap and glow on your lamp, and the one at your friend’s place will also glow up. This is the best-customized gifts to express to your friends how much you miss them and tap the lamp whenever you feel their absence.  


Personalized coffee mug

Then we have an idea of a personalized lamp online that can be a good gift for your distant friend. You can print anything on this mug, which is great to express your feelings. I would suggest you get your state and your friend’s state printed, which is connected with a single thread. The coffee mug will express that no matter what land you two reside on, your hearts are still connected with a bond of love, and this thread is the symbol of your bond that is unbreakable.

Personalised bracelet

Last on the list is a bracelet that your friend is definitely going to love. It is a personalized bracelet that will look pretty on her hand. Get one for you and one to present your closed crime partner. Joy Cuffs are completely adjustable and adaptable enough by twisting to make it tighter or looser, varying to fit most wrist sizes. The bracelet comes in good material like stainless steel, silver, and gold, so it is a pretty good gift to be sent to a close friend. 

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These are the gifts that will show your friends who live far, far away from you, that you miss them. You will find these gifts easily on online websites as well as your nearest gift shops.

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