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Floral Rolling Stones Tee

Are you like us who also believe that graphic tees don’t get the appreciation they deserve. Irrespective of your style, they are a staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe. Doesn’t matter what category your preferred style falls under, having a graphic t-shirt can come to your rescue when your fancy silhouettes won’t. Hence, they are famous for a very good reason. They are our basic plain t-shirt’s cooler sibling. 

They can be worn on different occasions and styled in many different ways that most of us are unaware of. They can go from basic to dressy in no time at all. If you own a few graphic tees or looking to add some from the women’s clothing boutique in your collection, you are in the right place. 

Keep reading as we are here to share some graphic tee styles that are sure to fit your personality. 

The Everyday Outfit –

What do you prefer wearing on a day-to-day basis? A pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt? That’s cool. But, have you considered adding some edge to the overall look? How can you do that? Instead of wearing a plain t-shirt, why not wear a graphic tee for a chic look? It is the easiest way to feel comfortable yet looks like a diva. For a more casual effect, combine your graphic tees with a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers and chunky silver jewelry.

This will be a head-turner outfit. The same graphic tee can also be paired with distressed denim shorts for a day out during the spring. The best part about graphic t-shirts in the women’s clothing boutique is the variety available. Catchy one-liners to cute images, you have plenty to choose from. We are sure you will find your favorite piece.

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Marilyn Denim Shorts

With graphic t-shirts, you can also switch your bottoms. Why only stick to skinny fit when the fashion industry has so many different styles to offer. From full-length leggings to joggers they all can complement your basic graphic t-shirt.  

Black Joggers (matches top)  Full Length Leggings - BLACK - REG. ONLY

Business Casuals – 

Who says you can only limit your graphic t-shirts to the evening events? We believe they have their own space as business casual attire. Get them out of your wardrobe if you have an office event lined up for the week on your calendar. A graphic tee can give you a toned down formal look while making you look chic.

Depending on the color of the t-shirt, style them with an appropriate blazer and pair of sandals to feel comfortable and stylish. The blazer has the potential to give the loose t-shirt a well-fitted look. Get ready to stock some graphic t-shirts in your collection. You will need more after receiving all the compliments at work. 

Blaze A Path Blazer-HOT PINK - FINAL SALE

Get dressed to make a statement – 

Have a fancy event to attend and confused about how to dress up? Our strongest recommendation is to pair your favorite graphic t-shirt with a pencil or statement printed skirt. Don’t forget your high heels. A pro tip: Opt for a white graphic tee and black bottom wear and heels.

This will tie the look together and make it appear like a lot of effort and time has been put to get the outfit together. An alternative option for all our sneaker heads, go for your favorite pair of sneakers and ditch the heels. We promise a similar final result. 

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PRAY Short Sleeve  Be Fierce Pencil Skirt - FINAL SALE

Draw attention to the curves – 

We all like to look snatched and slim. But, these tees can make you look heavier than you may be. This is because of the baggy fitting and oversized look. It is best to tuck the graphic tee in the jeans. Now there are different ways to do so. You have the freedom to pick and choose what suits you the best. Another tip is to tie a knot on the t-shirt around the waist area. The knot can be in the middle, on the side or behind. This is to make the waist look slimmer.

Carrying a jacket that could be tied around the waist is another way to make the tee look structured. Make sure it is tied on the upper or mid-waist region to create an illusion of an hourglass figure. 

Watercolor Pumpkin Tee

Layer it up – 

Layering is the best hack to make your graphic tee look more stylish. The method is the simplest yet the most popular style hack used by fashion divas. If you think your graphic tee is not making you look dressy, layer it with a cardigan and make it look stylish.

Make sure the cardigan is of a neutral color to balance out the colors and designs on the graphic tee. Another option for a layering piece is a well-stitched blazer. A blazer can transform a simple casual look into a formal outfit for Friday or great date night attire.

If you have an oversized graphic t-shirt in your closet along with a satin slip or body-con dress, you can wear the tee over the dress and tie it up the way you prefer. This is a very stylish way to layer your basics. You can look rich and fashionable with no effort. 

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Kira Cardigan- NAVY  Blaze A Path Blazer-KELLY GREEN - FINAL SALE

Final words – 

We are sure by now you have learned that graphic tees are a timeless style piece. If you do not wish to dress it as everyone does, we recommend going for your innovative ideas. This could be wearing it with a bright colored blazer, satin skirt, shorts, joggers, and in many different ways.

You have the freedom to choose how you wish to wear your favorite graphic tees. You may tie it on your midriff or simply tuck it for that on-trend jeans look. Whatever is your style pick the awesome range of trendy graphic tees from women’s clothing boutique and enjoy looking preppy.

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