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Hey guys, hope you are all doing great, I am also doing great at home. As we all know, Christmas and New Year are not so far. So what you thought, what you will do this year. How you celebrate, have you plan anything. Okay, let’s forget about the new year, and let’s talk about Christmas. Because Christmas comes first, and then New Year. So my plan is ready for this Christmas. If you are thinking something like me, then let’s share some ideas with you guys. So I plan to surprise my family and friends at Christmas. If you are thinking of doing something like me. So it’s important to give you some exciting ideas to surprise them. So today, we will discuss how you can surprise your loving family and crazy friends, on the eve of Christmas. You can surprise them on Christmas Day also. So today I will guide from decor to cake, about everything. So don’t worry and don’t think, how you will manage everything, and what you will do. It’s not that tough. You just need to do smart work and some hard work. Okay, so now we should stop talking and start working for a surprise. 

Things we have to do 

So basically, we are planning a surprise Christmas party, for family and friends. So first you should be clear, what are the things you have to do. The most important thing is what you have to do first. The first, and most important thing Christmas cake online. If you are baking, then you should bake the cake first. Because this is time-consuming and patiently doing work. And if you are ordering, then do it first. Second thing decor, I am sure you must be aware of your family and friend’s likes and dislikes. They like classy and light decor, lavish, and full volume decor. Now, two major things, food, and gifts. Because your decor and music will be up and down. There will be no problem but you can’t take the risk on these two major portions. So make a list calmly. 

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Okay, so first start with the decor. First thing, you will do decor only with artificial things, or you will add some real things. For freshness and realness, you can add fresh flowers. So when you order a cake, order a flower with it. Just search and order flowers online and cake. Use some aroma candles, some lighting lamps, small chandeliers, etc. These things add spark to the Christmas tree also. 


Food is very important for any celebration. First, you need to take care of everyone’s likes and dislikes. Because of this surprise party for your family and friends. So if you can then, try to add one favorite dish of everyone. It will be the icing on the cake for them. Yes, don’t order any specific flavor cake. Order some common favorite cake, so everyone can eat happily. If you want any special cake, order it in the new year, your special new year cake. Add lots of starters, appetizers, desserts, and of course main course in your menu. 


Christmas is all about sharing happiness and smiles. The one thing which shares these smiles in the right way is gifts. After all, we all wait for Santa Claus eagerly. This is one of the most important reasons, waiting for Christmas. I am sure you already know, who wants what. But in case, if you don’t know about one or two persons what he or she wants. Don’t be sad just order Christmas flower bouquets online, and some Christmas chocolates. You are ready with gifts. 

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Music and games 

Because of this is a surprise party for both family and friends. So it’s obvious that older and younger both will be at the party. So music, dance floor, and games should be according to that. You can add some games in which both the generations can participate. With new and old songs, you can add some mid-time songs, which both the generations like. Try to add some more flavors by mixing old and new songs. There are lots of apps that are available.  You can do one thing, casually find out everyone’s favorite song, those will come in this get-together or party. And play all of their favorite songs one by one. 

I know, you have to do some hard work. But for our family and friends’ happiness, everything is alright. Plan a surprise party this Christmas, and follow these steps, add some of your ideas. I can assure you, your family and friends both will never ever forget this surprise in their life. They all will be very happy.

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