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Fitted sheets are a necessity for everyone; they cover and extend the life of the mattress and offer a good sleep. They have an elastic strip mounted at each corner to keep them in place. They coil tightly and neatly around the mattress, giving you a cozy bed to sleep in a while still keeping your mattress fresh. Since deep small double-fitted sheets are simple to wash and maintain, you can be assured that you will get a full night’s sleep free of dust and dirt.

There are several unique styles of small double cotton fitted sheets available in various shapes and materials, and you may need to select one for a variety of purposes. If you prefer unique bedding for changing seasons, you might choose a light, absorbent cover in the spring and early summer and a thicker sheet in the fall and winter. 

Many individuals select the small double-fitted sheets online based on the thread count, which defines the sheet’s texture and feel. This post will help you choose the right fitted sheet that caters to all your needs and brings you exceptional comfort!

Thread Count Is Important 

The number of lateral and vertical threads in one square inch of the fabric is referred to as thread count. The higher the TC, the stronger and durable the material will be. Sheets with impressive TC range from 200 to 800 are helpful, but you’ll find a TC as high as 1,000  occasionally.

If the thread count is low, don’t think the sheets are of poor quality.

Some 200-count sheets on the market are beautifully produced and sound like they’ve had a higher TC.

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Choose the Weave Carefully 

Percale is a clean, long-lasting cotton fabric with a basic weave identified as the clear one. Premium quality cotton percale bed linen is lavishly silky smooth and gives a relaxed, clean feel, though it is not as luxurious and velvety as sateen. The sheets made of percale are the lightest and perhaps most absorbent of the various varieties of cotton weaves, making them ideal for hotter environments or anyone that sleep hot.

Renowned for its soft texture, resilience, and stunning natural sparkle, Pima is widely regarded as the world’s finest cotton. Pima fitted sheets must be constructed from woven fibers made from 100percent American Pima cotton to be branded with the coveted Pima cotton name.

Be aware of the Size. 

Check the height of your mattress, along with the width, to find the best-fitting covers. Also, include the topper you are using in the calculation. Although most standard size sheets would suit most mattresses, whether yours has a heavy cushion mattress or a different foam topper, you will need sheets explicitly made for such beds. 

For the right combination, look for pocketed fitted sheets that are “deep” or “super deep.” If your luxurious sheets aren’t labeled as such, look for the dimensions on the box to find the right size.

Keep a copy of the receipt.

Before relaxing on your deep small double-fitted sheets, wash them to clear any finishes or extra dye. Return them if they have shrunk so much that they are now impossible to fit the mattress anyway. You’ll use your receipt for this and return them if they’re incorrectly labeled or if a portion of the set is absent.

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Caring For The Sheets

Appropriately caring for the fitted sheets will make them last longer while still providing a sanitary space conducive to a restful night’s sleep.

To prolong the longevity, it is strongly suggested that you wash them weekly (or more frequently in warm areas). Particles like soil, pollen, skin cells and body oils collect on pads, putting more strain on the fibers. It is strongly advised that sheets be washed separately from clothes or towels. This allows water to flow freely across the sheets, ensuring that every part of the sheets is well washed.

Even cleaning decreases the amount of fade and pilling that can accumulate over time, as well as the damage incurred by fabric buckles and connectors. When laundering sheets, always wash the stained area before. All of your fitted sheets should be free of bleach. Instead, for cotton-based blend fabrics, use a gentle cleanser, or apply 1/4 lemon juice to the wash water to brighten whites.

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