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One of the biggest giants, Airbnb needs no introduction to the readers. The high popularity which it has amassed in such a short span of time speaks volumes of the services one requires for an ideal holidaying. One of the most demanded and successful online marketplaces operating in lodging and home stays for every kind of gateway, Airbnb has managed to carve a niche in the market for its extremely secure, reliable as well as sought-after facilities and comfort.

But what drives Airbnb so much in the market? Why is Airbnb clone script so much demanded by the young entrepreneurs seeking to make their careers through this stream? There are many striking features which distinguish Airbnb clone script from another clone script. Find out here for the best Airbnb clone script. Read this article as we unlock Airbnb for you.

Automate and customized services

Scale-up your business by adopting such automated features in your Airbnb clone script which saves the effort of both the host and the guest and reduces conflicts in rentals. The host must be able to manage his portal online from anywhere by using the Manage Anywhere option. 100% Open source will enable him to streamline listings, booking and rental operations. Moreover, using the Multi domain license option in your Airbnb clone scriptwill allow one to make more commission from hosts from various channels.

The intuitive notification system of the Airbnb clone script will notify the users, landlords and the admins of any event or update which they might have subscribed to on the platform. For guests, its four-step automatic booking process will ensure seamless booking experiences while keeping a track of their bookings.

Airbnb Clone Admin Panel

To make the best Airbnb clone script, it is very essential to keep the use of Admin as a top priority. Using this intuitive admin panel, admins can search and find all active or inactive property listings and also export all the report details for their reference. The Airbnb Clone Host Cancellation, available for both property and experience listings, can also help the host to cancel the booking request made on property listing by citing a valid reason.

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Instant Pay Availability Search

Searching property listings becomes easier with the smart instant pay availability search option offered by the Airbnb clone script. Guests can not only search listings with price, room types, guest count and date filter options but can also book listings through instant pay search results.

Day & Night Mode Enabled Airbnb Clone Website

This trendy and quirky feature will make your Airbnb app more attractive as it can be set manually such that after 6 PM the map will change to black color. It will offer better user experience and help the host connect more with the guests.

Nearby Location Search

Nearby location search is an important feature for most of the online platforms these days. The Airbnb clone script is integrated with google maps to help you in real-time navigation. For an online rental application, this feature helps you to find the property and experience listings nearby your location with no hassle by just using the current location tracker.

Categorized Inbox

Categorized inbox enables both the host and the guest to communicate easily through inbox messages which are categorized in two sections of property and experience. Both the host and the guest are offered a brief view for their property and experience listing or booking status through this feature.

Airbnb Like App Experience Module

To create an Airbnb like experience, the clone script must have features such that anyone can create as well as host their interest, passion, talent and share their experiences. This can result in extra income by bringing more booking towards experience listings. Moreover, the booking options must be as flexible and simplified as possible. The Instant Booking option will attract more clients as they request to book stays and make payments once the host approves the booking request.

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Trust & Verification For User Engagement

Airbnb clone script allows only the verified hosts to get started with the bookings. The clone must offer complete authentication through methods like E-mail verification, SMS verification and ID-Proof verification. It also facilitates integration with social media where multiple sign-ups and logins are allowed on sites like Facebook, Google, Apple ID & Email.

The Listing approval system can also be incorporated to show the approved listings  to the verified users so that no disappointments come in the way of a happy experience.

Advanced Filter & Search Options

With this feature of advanced search & filter options in the Airbnb clone script, guests can search their property by location, duration of stay, number of guests occupying, room type, and price. They can save their time by applying filters on the listings like rooms, beds, bathrooms and so on to choose from the best available options.

Besides, by using the available Shared Room option for both the host and guest, the listing will not be blocked until the entire guest count of shared rooms is booked and the guest can also enjoy less prices for those shared rooms. Users can also use the Wishlist option to bookmark the favorite places for future booking. It’s another feature that helps to boost the sales of the business.

Rating & Reviews

The most wanted feature of all online businesses is the rating & review option. Gaining validation from previous guests, will help the host to attract the attention of new guests fastly and conveniently.

Trips : History/upcoming Trips

This amazing feature of an Airbnb clone script lets the vacation rental software to keep a track of all the past or upcoming trips and help notify the users of the same automatically.

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Google Voice Search

Google voice search feature offers users to voice command and search location based property listings and that too in multiple languages to save  time of the guests in finding listings amid the menu of options already present.

Pricing Rules

This essential feature is a must have for your Airbnb clone scriptas both the hosts and the guests can benefit by using various pricing rules for the property like early bird, minimum and maximum stay, length of stay discount options, promotional codes and vouchers. This will not only maintain customer loyalty but will also help attract new clients for your business.

iCalendar Sync

Using iCalender Sync, hosts who have listed their space on the platform can manage booking dates. Likewise, the host can remove the sync, import, and export the calendar.

Travel Credit & Finance Reports

The quirky Travel Credit feature is a great promotional activity to engage the audience as just by inviting friends to the platform, existing users can earn credits.

The Finance Reports feature is another management tool for the hosts which maintains detailed reports of their activities in one window, including total earnings of admin as well as host, reservation details, etc, to enable them to make smart future decisions.

Multiple Currencies & Crypto-Wallet Integration

Expand your flourishing business across the globe by incorporating these features in your Airbnb clone script now. With the help of the multiple currency option, a wide base of users can get connected to the website. The feature of additional payment integration to send and receive the money through crypto wallet is another outstanding feature to consider.

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