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According to a survey report, most firearm owners believe that having a gun makes you feel protected. This survey report reveals that almost 48% of gun owners say that they own guns for their protection. While only 32% keep guns for hunting and other reasons like target shooting. 

When it comes to endorsing strict gun control laws, people tend to see both of its pros and cons. Almost 58% of them think these new laws can make it harder for people to protect their homes and families. While 54% believe that strict laws can significantly reduce the number of deaths that are caused by mass shootings. 

Why did Americans never give up on Guns?

However, gun owners and non-gun owners have this fundamental debate or disagreement regarding the effectiveness of strict gun control laws. The relationship of Americans with machine guns and other firearms is as old and as complicated as their country. 

This intimate connection of Americans with firearms is under new inspection due to the worst mass shooting in US history. Due to which 58 people died in Las Vegas. The United States is famous as a nation born of a bloody revolution, scarred by a dreadful Civil War. 

It is based on the destruction of the native population and is being trained on stories of Wild West heroes. In the modern era, people have started customizing their firearms by utilizing the services of the best custom gun makers

Americans believe that it is a fundamental right of people to own a gun or any firearm. Because they always enshrine this right in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. According to them, a militia army is a necessity of a free state, and the right of people to keep guns should not be invaded. 

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Significance of Guns Safety 

Although the debate upon the right of keeping a personal gun is a controversial one. But answering a question about whether keeping a gun can make you and your home safe is quite straightforward. A recent research report has declared that about one-third of homes in America contain a certain firearm. 

Such easy access to guns in homes may increase the risk of accidental injuries and deaths among people. Unintentional massive shootings can cause several deaths among young children. 

People always underestimate the capability of a child to gain access to a gun in his home which is wrong. Because even a child of 3 years of age possesses enough strength to pull the gun’s trigger. Because children cannot differentiate between a toy gun and a real gun. They do not even know how to handle a gun safely. 

If you want to keep your children safe from the firearms in your home, you should store the guns unloaded, locked up, and out of reach. And you must tell kids about the dangers associated with guns and advise them not to play with guns. 

Customization of Guns 

Although there is no excuse to keep a gun, every one carries it for certain reasons, which are as follows.

  • Fear
  • Protection
  • Self-defence
  • To gain power and control
  • Peer Pressure

Not everybody aims to use the gun, but when they get into an argumentative situation. And if the situation goes out of hand, they are more likely to use it. 

It has become a part of the norm to customize your personal gun as people have stopped keeping factory-built guns. Best custom gun makers have made it easy to do accessories for all kinds of firearms. People who want to customize their guns or firearms can hire different companies or industries manufacturing aftermarket components for ARs. 

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Now, people can easily customize their guns in many interesting ways. Some guns are easier to customize than other firearms, the following are four such guns that are perfect for customization. 

Remington 870

It is the most popular shotgun among other guns in the firearm industry, and it has tons of potential to build on. However, custom gun makers recommend that you may start customization with the safety and trigger group, but ensure that the spring and detent are safe. The Timney sear unit is a perfect component for the trigger as it also allows for small adjustments after installation. 

Ruger 10/22

You must know that firearm industries are formed around accessories for certain guns; this Ruger 10/22 is the biggest example of it. This gun is pretty customizable, and they make such parts we do not even know about, such as barrel shrouds, scope mounts, folding stocks, triggers, and receivers. 

Glock 26

It is a great choice to customize because you can easily find loads of accessories for its customization. You can also get magazine extensions for Glock 26 in order to add some more rounds to your magazine. You can use 3.5-lb with a ghost trigger set to get a smoother and lighter pull. 

Remington R1-1911

R1-1911 is one of the most customizable guns so far, and it has been around for so many years. It is the first-ever gun that was customized in the beginning. An endless list of aftermarket parts may include extended mag release, mainsprings, Magpul, extended slide release, etc. 

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Final Word:

The customization of your gun will be as good as your gun because it is impossible to take a crap and turn it into something useful. For customization, the quality of the gun is a must. You should buy only those accessories which can help you avoid making things complex.


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