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Translation services are essential in businesses. As consumer markets become more global, there’s a need for companies to cater to local customers. If you’re expanding your operations, hiring Latin translators is a must for your firm. But finding translators isn’t easy. You have plenty of options online and if you don’t know where to look, you could spend days looking and still end up with less-than-stellar results. That’s where a hand hiring guide comes in. 

Here’s what you’ll want to do to find translators who fit the bill. With these tips, you’ll have the right people or even a team on board in no time. Get started on those projects by putting these tips to good practical use as soon as you can. 

Decide What You Need

The first step to finding translation assistance is to figure out what you need. Do you want to work with a freelance translator? Or do you want to hire the services of a translation firm? There are pros and cons to each option. Freelancers might give you lower rates but hiring an agency gives you an entire team of experts at your disposal. Think about which option suits your needs and budget  better before you proceed. Also, an agency might be an excellent choice if you have a ton of work while freelancers are good for small-volume projects. 

Consider a Platform 

There’s an easy way to find agencies and translators. Look for platforms like Guru.com that provide both services. Having all these options in one place makes it easier for you to go over them. You can make up a shortlist of your top picks and winnow down your choices with greater ease. Also, with the affordability of these platforms, getting a membership is well worth the cost. 

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Check for Specialty

When you hire translators, look for subject matter expertise. It’s not enough to hire a translator who’s been working years in the business. Experience is all well and good. But someone skilled in medical translations might not fare all that well in translating legal documents. That’s why it’s important to choose a translator who’s already done work in the field or who specializes in the field. Keep that in mind when you hire a freelancer. Getting an agency, though, might be a bit more beneficial for you as agencies might have different experts on the team, including someone who’s an expert in your industry. 

Look for Reviews

Find out what other clients think about the firm. Are they happy with the level of service that the company provides? Will they avail its services again? Will they recommend it to their contacts? Go over the feedback, too. Few negative reviews aren’t at all conclusive. They could simply indicate differences in taste. However, if there are a lot of complaints lodged against the firm, its team, or services, and if there are comments that bring up the same problems repeatedly, those are red flags. You’ll want to heed that warning. If there are too many complaints about the same issues, then that means the firm has recurring problems it has yet to address. Look elsewhere for better translation service options. 

Factor in the Customer Service

When you contact the firm, is the staff polite? Are they informative? Do they know the business inside and out? Are they able to provide the details you need or do you find them rude? Do you get the sense that they’re trying to get you off the phone? These are some things you’ll want to factor in when you hire a translation service or freelancer. 

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Choose Easy Communication 

Is it easy to get in touch with the translator? Or do you go an entire day or two before you even get an answer or reply? When you talk about the specs of a project, does the translator understand the outcome you want easily enough? Or do you have to go through several discussions before you arrive on the same page? If working with the translator is stressing you out, that’s far from ideal. You’ll want one that makes your life easier instead. Whether you’re hiring an agency or going for a freelancer, easy communication is key. 

Understand the Costs

Before you hire a translator, be sure to go over the costs. What will the quote cover? What kind of services can you expect? If there are services that you want to request for, but they aren’t a part of the package, don’t be afraid to ask about them. Plenty of companies are flexible and they might provide that service for free or you could end up paying a small amount. Either way, you’ll get the solution you need, so don’t dismiss the firm if you see that it doesn’t offer all the types of translation work you require. Ask first. 

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