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There was a time when you had to go to shops to get everything done or for running errands, but the trends have now changed. We are saying this because there are multiple iPhone repair services available online who are ready to offer iPhone screen repair services and iPhone battery replacement services without asking you to visit the shop.

So, for everyone who is stuck at home and their iPhone is out of order, taking online help is always possible. However, people aren’t aware of the options right now, which takes us to the point of this article. In this article, we are sharing how you can take help from online iPhone repair service providers. So, let’s have a look!

Apple To The Rescue

No one can be better for repairing your iPhone than Apple itself. With this being said, Apple launched the new repair services through which authorized service providers will come to your place for repairing your Apple products, be it at home or office. The repair services can be hired through the Apple’s official support site.

However, these services are only available under specific conditions, or else, you will need to suffice with mail-in and instore services. According to the Apple’s support page, the onsite service is available at selected locations. The repair is being offered by Go Tech Services because they are the Apple authorized service providers.

On top of everything, they only offer repairing services if you book them through the Apple support site. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the repair services are limited right now. As for now, this onsite repair service is available in five cities of the United States, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, and Houston.

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In addition, they only offer specific repair services. When you browse the official support site of Apple, the repairing options will be listed under the screen repair section, but it’s not available for other Apple products, such as Macs. In addition, they were not providing battery replacement services. On top of everything, there is an onsite visit fee that is applied in addition to the regular repairing costs.

At this point, it’s important to note down that Apple has offered the onsite repairs multiple times, but the AppleCare is only available for the companies that have thousands of Apple products. As far as the onsite repair is concerned, the extra fee and limited repair option promise that the service is not for everyone out there, but one has to have an option.

Apple Support App

If you are dealing with iPhone issues other than the physical ones, such as the performance issues or software glitches, you can always turn to the Apple Support app. Through this support app, the Apple employee will be there to help you through the troubleshooting methods. You can access the online troubleshooting through the “schedule a repair” tab in the app.

Once you click on this option, you will need to choose the device and sign in to the Apple ID. After this point, you can search for an open store. On top of everything, if you use the Apple authorized repair centers, you will need to pay lower repairing fees if you’ve the AppleCare Plus for your Apple products. In addition, you must finalize the appointment after calling the store.

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For people who don’t want to visit the store, they can always send their broken iPhone in the mail to the Apple repair center for servicing and repairing. For this option, you can click on “send in for repair” and follow the instructions to mail the phone for repair. Yes, we know that this isn’t the online solution, but you don’t have to leave the house either.

Issues That Can Be Fixed Online

If you are thinking which iPhone issues can be solved through online platforms, we have outlined the possible repairing services, such as;

  • Charging Issue – this is a serious yet the most common issue. This is because the charging issue can happen due to voltage fluctuations, but it can also come up when you drop the phone.
  • Screen Repair & Replacement – this issue prevails when you drop your iPhone. So, you can always book the screen replacement and repair services online through the support site.

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