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Finding the right dog bed for your pooch can sometimes seem daunting. Especially with so many types, sizes, materials, brands and shapes on the internet. But, there’s a few Hiputee tricks you should know to help find which dog beds online are the best for your pooch.

At Hiputee, we have your best bud’s interest in mind. Meaning we provide the information and tools you need to make the right decision for your dog(s). From the triangle to the donut, you’ll be an expert in the pet bed by the end of this article for dog beds online. 

To begin, you’ve already made the right first step: being online. Instead of viewing limited ranges in high-street stores, the internet provides unlimited options for finding the best dog beds online. And, would you know, they’re made in India! 

1. Make Sure the Pet Bed is Padded

There are some dog beds online that are made with beans, some with cotton, some with down and others with foam. If you’re looking to buy a Hiputee pet bed, you’ll need to know the types of filler to make sure you’re providing comfort and care. 

Here’s some examples of pet bed fillers which can also be found here at Hiputee: memory foam, foam cut, shredded foam, shredded dacron, fibre and polyester.

2. Find Dogs Beds Online that Are Suitable for Machine Washing

Products made in India for your pet have the highest quality of material to suit you and your furry friend. So, why bother ever going anywhere else to buy your dog beds online? 

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We make sure that your dog bed can be machine washed because we know the hassle of finding a cosy bed only for it to get dirty and need to be dry-cleaned or replaced. That’s why we’ve taken away the worry and make your dog beds online, perfect. 

3. Your Pooch Will Love A Bed Made of Foam

Foam is one of the many materials that make up the best dog beds online which provide orthopaedic care and a helpful hand to pooches with aches and pains in their old age.

If you chose a pet bed with high side supports, foam inserts made in India and a softshell such as velvet, your pooch will have the sleep of their dreams. This is because they will find comfort in the high sized, pain relief from the material and recoverable support when getting out of the dog bed later on.

4. Choose a Size to Suit your Family

When we say family, we mean your Hiputee pet bed should be the right size for your fluffy friend(s). There are some one-dog households who need a cosy bed to suit a small cuddly friend. There are also dog beds online for Labrador friends that are larger. 

But, there’s also many homes with multiple pets who cuddle together. And, if this is the case, then you should find a pet bed that is big enough to share.

5. All of Them

Each pet bed has its benefits. While some are great for cosying, others are perfect to splat-out on. The different shapes of pet bed give your loving pooch a choice depending on their feelings. A daytime tired pup might want a triangle bed for a little dark, and a large dog might want dog beds online for Labrador sizes to allow for sprawling. 

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You may even need a waterproof pad for outside adventures. So, although you may not want to buy every Hiputee pet bed made in India, who can resist spoiling those puppy dog eyes? 

To end this article, we wanted to give you tips for knowing whether the dog bed you have chosen is right for your specific pooch. 

Whether buying dog beds online for Labrador friends or chihuahua yappers, there’s tell-tale signs to look for when ensuring your pup’s comfortable. For example; looking towards sleeping behaviour, you’ll understand if your dogs are catching quality z’s which can be testament to your bed buying skills.

Consider whether they’re doze or tail-wag in their sleep. Dozing signals broken sleep while an active napper shows quality REM. Make sure your pet bed exhibits the right response!

With that, it’s the end for finding which dog bed you should buy. Check our range of dog beds online made in India here at Hiputee. Or, read our blog for more tips and tricks! 

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