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If you are a Mac user and you would like to synchronize your music with your iPhone, iPod or iPad, then the easiest way to do that is to use iTunes on your Mac. However, before you start using this, you need to know a few things about the software and how to connect macOS big Sur with iTunes. The most basic step to learn how to connect macOS big Sur with iTunes is to go to the iTunes application and click on the “MacBook Air” icon. Once you have done that, you can proceed to the main menu of iTunes, and from there you will be able to see a list of devices that you have connected to iTunes.


How to connect macOS big Sur with iTunes?

connect macOS with iTunes

The first thing you need to do to set up iTunes in Big Sur is to go to the Apple website. Once there, you will see a link called “iTunes Store” that is in the left pane of your screen. Click on it. If you do not have an Apple ID, you may need to create one before you can proceed.

When prompted, click on the “Apps” tab. On the left side of the page, click on “iTune Remote”. If you don’t have an iTune Remote, you will be prompted to insert a blank USB key. Follow the prompts to connect your device.


  1. Once you have checked that all devices are listed. You can click on the plus sign next to each device in the list.
  2. This will expand a pop-up window, and from here you can select “new”.
  3. When you select it, you will get a list of options to choose from.
  4. In this case, you should select “use Apple iTunes”, so that your entire computer system will be shown in the list of devices.
  5. Another option will appear when you select “use Apple iTunes”.
  6. This is another way to set up your connection. After the window pops-up, you will be able to see an image of your computer system.
  7. You can choose the IP (Internet protocol) number for your device and click on the sync icon. Once you have completed this, your device will be updated automatically whenever it starts up.
  8. When you have successfully set up iTunes on your Mac, the last step is to synchronize your music.
  9. For that, you have to find your files in the iTunes library. On the top left of the main page, there will be a “Library” button.
  10. Clicking on it will bring you to the selection of files. Which include the latest updates as well as old versions of them.
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You will see two buttons: one for adding a new file and the other for removing a file.Click on the plus sign symbol to add a new music track or on the cross (plus) sign to remove an existing one.Before you continue, make sure you read the user agreement at the bottom of the screen. Read it carefully and make sure you understand it. If you don’t, you may end up having to download the latest version of iTunes before being able to use it. Some applications might not work properly if you do not have the latest version installed.

Last but not least, you will need to select “iTunes” from the menu. In the new window, you will see the icon that resembles a folder with four items – a downloaded file, Shared folder, Library, and Recorder. Tap on the plus sign next to “shared folder. This will expand into a sub-folder and reveal the folder containing your songs. When you’re done, you can go ahead and drag all your files into this folder, making sure that they are all beneath the Shared folder.

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Bottom Line:

When you have finished setting up how to connect macOS. The last step is to install all the software on the program.  This can be done by clicking on the downloaded files or by double-clicking on the installer icon on the iTunes website. After that, you will be ready to start using your Mac. Just like with the first part of this series. You will need to have at least access to an Internet connection in order to successfully complete this process.