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 Being a barber, you have to work with many kinds of hair, and curly hair is one of them. It is a little bit difficult to cut, but not that much. Following some techniques and knowing some necessary steps can make it easy for you. 

Because when you get used to cutting different types of hair, you will be popular and famous in a few days. I think barbering is one kind of art because a barber can make a significant change in someone’s appearance. So it is a risky profession as one little mistake can create a big difference. 

But it is not that difficult when you practice enough. There are many barbers around the world, but some of them are known because of their work. You are reading this article, I hope you will be that master barber one day, but before that, you have to be an expert with a variant kind of hair. 

In this article, I am going to tell you a few steps and tricks that will make you a master of curly hair. Let me start!

How to Cut A Black Man’s Hair With Clippers

First step: preparation 

When an Afro comes to you for cutting his hair, make him sit on a chair. Put a cloth around his shoulder so that his shirt would not get dirty.


Understand the demand of your client. The clipper has different sizes of guards; choose that on-demand. If he wants his hair too short, don’t use any guard, but use a big guard if he wants his hair longer. Clippers for black males are similar to others, so don’t worry. 

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Prepare your client’s hair; normally, black men’s have curly hair, tend their hair to be easy to tangle. Brush the hair from the grain. Now the final step, 

Cutting hair

First, divide your clients’ hair on the front, back, left, and right side, don’t rush! Because a simple mistake can upset your client. Start trimming from the backside, finish one side to get into another. Trim from one side and end on the other side. Be careful about shaping, finish all the parts, and look carefully at hair if anywhere remains bigger or shorter.

Last step

When you finish cutting hair, use aftershave at the edge of the hair, it will prevent any kind of skinned irritation. Brush his hair one more time to clean the extra hair on the head, and you can also give some head massage for a better result. 

Show him the hair with an extra mirror if he is satisfied; after completing the haircut, it’s time to take care of your clipper; clippers are usually an electronic device, it needs the care to the last longer, the more you can use it carefully it will last, 

How to take care of your clipper

Clean the blades of the clipper. There is a small oil pot in the box. Use it on the edges so that the blades remain smooth, remove guards and keep it in a safe place. 

Also, clippers can get rust at any time, so it needs to keep in a dry place, you should read the user manual given in the box, it will help you to use it properly, and most importantly, check your clipper whether it is waterproof or not, there are so many clippers that made waterproof, so you better use this for safety, 

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Final words

Cutting curly hair is not difficult. It needs some techniques and basics, and practice can make you perfect. Sometimes you can watch some youtube tutorials for help, and remember! 

Do your work humbly because black men’s hair is slightly different from others’ hair, and I hope you can successfully satisfy your clients with a happy smile on their face by following some steps and tricks. 

So keep working. I wish you would be an expert at cutting all kinds of hair, all the best.


Shabbir Ahmad

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