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As weather gets colder in winters, the streets often get wetter in Brisbane. The winter season brings many sweet things; however the toughest thing we have to do is to get up early morning and face the foggy weather. Getting your car ready to leave for work is the hardest thing to do; the first thing you see is foggy windows and that won’t work well for you if you are already late for work.

So, there must be a good way to efficiently get rid of foggy windows of your car and be able to see clearly outside. If the windscreen is covered with dense fog, then it means that inner temperature of your car is much higher than the temperature outside. That also increases the temperature of your screen and creates fog.

With the engine running slow in winters, you need to do a great job to get your car warmed up and travel to office. Therefore, let us guide you how you can effectively deal with foggy ca windows in the winter and leave for work peacefully.

How Fog Can Affect your Car

If you don’t start your car smoothly in the morning, then that is another issue. You may have to contact a car mechanic to correct engine problems. However, when you start the car and turn on the heater immediately after getting into the car (due to unbearable cold), then foggy windows are unavoidable.

This is because when you turn on heaters, the fog you get to your windows in the blink of an eye. In this situation, you need to have a good trick in your bag to pull out early to clean the fog off your windows. But the first thing need to be done first, what is that?

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You need to first of all clear the frost on the outside of the windscreen, if any. This will also increase the temperature of your screen. If you perform this task after your engine has been started, that is just great. Otherwise, refrain from turning on the heating system of the car as soon as you get in to ride to office. Just wait for a while to let the car get heated. Because the heaters put a lot of load on your engine systems, they get all the heat from your engine’s system to make you comfortable.

That means if you are going to turn on the hot fans right away, that will take away the little heat car has generated and actually will be cooling the engine. So, do not turn on your heaters for good five to ten minutes.

After waiting a few minutes, you can turn on your heaters with full strength and clear your foggy screen and window as quickly as you can.

However, this problem is minor and can be death with easily. What will you do if your car is steamed up? That means that you are having a big issue that is causing moisture to build up in your car. Keep the following things in mind when you face a situation in your car with excess moisture.

Dealing with the Excess Moisture in your Car

  • If you are in a hurry and do not have time to wait to wipe the windscreen later, this could cause some problems. If you take a tissue immediately and try to wipe the moisture off, it can make your screen even dirtier. That can also make the screen oily and an oily surface is well known for building up more moisture. So, the problem can double instead of going away. When you will wipe the moisture with a cloth, the fog will build up again. Therefore, the lesson is not to wipe the screen straight away.
  • Get a good window cleaning agent; there are many highly rated or five star window cleaners or glass cleaners available in the market suitable for your car. You can use windscreen repellent for the outside that work excellently. Using this technique can immensely increase the visibility of your screen and help you to enjoy a smooth journey. Get rid of the moisture as early as possible.
  • Also, you need to check your car’s carpets for any moisture or carpets. If you feel any water or dampness on the carpets, that means you car’s windows and everything else is fogging up quickly. In these cold and damp conditions, if your foot carpets are well wet, you may have a problem with your windscreen. For example, it can crack or break easily. You may also have a leak in your heater’s matrix system. Therefore, the best thing to do here is to clean your window with a quality auto window cleaner.
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