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Norton antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus programs best known for malware detection and removal. Norton antivirus is available for PCs, Mac and phone devices. This antivirus offers you various plans for device and data protection. But there are some issues which you may face while using Norton antivirus. Along with good security features, Norton also provides good customer service. 

Whenever you get into any Norton related error, contact the technical team immediately. The technical team of Norton antivirus is round the clock available for help which means you can easily fix your issues anytime. Most of the Norton antivirus issues can be fixed manually. But if you are unable to troubleshoot the error then you should ask the technical team.


Norton error 8504 104

Error 8504 104 is an installation error, which occurs when the Norton plan is incompatible with your PC. When this error appears, check the resource requirements of your antivirus immediately. Upgrade your PC according to the Norton requirements. If your Norton is showing installation error due to low free disk space then try removing all the big files like movies, gaming and editing applications. Now restart the device and try to install Norton antivirus on your PC.


Norton Error 8504 421

Error 8504 421 is also an installation error which mostly appears when another antivirus program is conflicting with Norton antivirus. When the error appears, check all the installed programs on your device. If you have any other antivirus on your device then uninstall it. Now delete all the files related to the antivirus. Disable Windows Defender and restart your device. Now go to McAfee setup and try to install it. If your Norton is showing you errors then contact Norton team for help.

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Norton Error 104

Norton Error 104 can occur due to various reasons. But mostly this error appears when your registry files get corrupted. The Windows registry files get corrupted due to any small error or changes. But restoring the files is very difficult. You should ask the technical team for help. If you are from the technical background then create a backup key for Norton error first and then edit the registry files. You can create a backup key by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Close all the running programs
  2. Click on Start menu
  3. Type command on the search bar
  4. Press and hold the Ctrl and shift keys
  5. Press the Enter button
  6. Permission prompt will appear
  7. Click on Yes button
  8. The command screen will appear
  9. Type regedit on the command screen
  10. Hit the Enter button

Now the registry editor page will appear. Search for Norton error related keys. Choose the key and click the export button. Save the file with .reg extension and export to the desktop. Now check for the corrupted registry files. After restoring the files, restart your device and check for the error. If you are still getting the error then ask for help.


Norton error 1920

Error 1920 error can appear when you are scanning the PC. The Norton scanning process will get interrupted and error 1920 code will appear on the desktop. Norton error 1920 occurs when some program or file is conflicting with Norton. You should remove all the temporary files from your device. These files not only eat up your space but can also conflict with other programs. Type %temp% on the search bar and press the Enter button immediately. Windows temporary files folder will appear. Delete all the files from the folder. Now open your web browser and delete cookies and caches. Use Windows Clean Manager tool for removing all the junk files. Here are the steps for using Windows Disk Cleanup tool:

  1. Close the running program
  2. Go to the search bar
  3. Type command
  4. Press and hold ctrl and shift keys
  5. Press the Enter button
  6. Permission prompt will appear
  7. Click on Yes button
  8. Command screen will appear
  9. Type cleanmgr on the command screen
  10. Press the Enter button
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Windows Disk Cleanup window will appear. Check all the item boxes you want to delete. Click on Okay button and all the junk files will get removed from your device. If you are unable to fix your Norton related errors then try reinstalling Norton antivirus on your device.


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