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MacBook is way more stable than Windows operating systems and are not that vulnerable to infection and cyber-attacks. To experience the enhanced performance of your MacBook, there are a lot of manual methods that you can perform. If you are not comfortable with the manual methods, you can also make use of one of the best Mac cleaning software to automatically take care of your MacBook performance.

Manual methods are tiresome and time taking yet can’t offer guaranteed fixes. Using one of the best Mac optimization software can guarantee a junk-free Mac running with an optimum computing performance. Smart Mac Care is the best junk cleaner for Mac that you can opt for as it is listed in the top Mac cleaners in dozens of reviews. Let’s explore Manual methods before we jump on to exploring the best app to clean Mac.

Manual Method 1: Clear Cache Data

Cleaning Cache is an everyday exercise to keep the temporary files out of your device. If not on a daily basis, you should at least clean it on a weekly basis as a lot of junk files, cache, cookies, temp files get accumulated on a routine basis.

clean cache files

Step 1. Click on the Finder and click ‘Go to Folder’ in the Go menu.

Step 2. Type [~/Library/Caches] without brackets in the search and hit enter.

Step 3. Open individual folders and clear all the files from every folder.

Step 4. Type [/Library/Caches] without brackets in the search again and open every individual folder to clean temp files. You are supposed to clear files only and not the folders.

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Manual Method 2: Clear Browsing Data

We browse through numerous websites on a regular basis that accumulates cookies and temp files. It is important to clean browser cookies on a routine basis.

clear browser cache and history

Step 1. Open Safari and go to the ‘Preferences’ tab.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab from the top ribbon.

Step 3. Click on ‘Manage Website Data’ button.

Step 4. You will see a list of cookies, data history, and temp files available on your MacBook.

Step 5. Select all site’s data that needs to be removed and click on the ‘Remove All’ button.

Step 6. Restart your MacBook once done.

Manual Method 3: Keep Your Trash Bin Clean

empty trash

Regularly deleted files, folders and apps may reside in your Trash Bin putting an equal load on your hard drive and system performance. Whenever you perform cleaning and maintenance on your MacBook, don’t forget to clean your Trash Bin. You can open it, select all and press delete to permanently delete them from your Mac or simply right-click on it and click on the ‘Empty Bin’ option.

Manual Method 4: Free Up Space on Drive

Keeping a close eye on your disk storage is important as you should be aware of what’s occupying your precious hard drive space. Keep as much as free space on your MacBook to enhance the performance with this manual method or by using one of the best Mac storage cleaners. Especially keep eliminating movies, videos, backup files, iTunes and other unnecessary stuff.

Check Mac Storage

Click on the ‘Apple’ menu and go to the ‘About This Mac’ option. Click on the ‘Storage’ tab on the top and select ‘Optimize’ or ‘Manage’ to dive deep into subfolders and manage storage settings. You can also sort items by Size to delete large items, older version of apps, email backup files, photos, downloaded files, backups from you’re your MacBook.

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Manual Method 5: Disable Start-up Programs

Keeping a close watch on all the items listed in the Start-up list is important as whenever you install a program, it automatically adds itself to the start-up list. If you are not using one of the best Mac cleaning software, you will need to manually optimize the start-up list. You can also close open applications from the applications window.

Check Application status on Mac

Step 1. Go to the ‘System Preferences’ and then click on the ‘Users & Groups’ option.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Login Items’ button on the right.

Step 3. Select the items that you wish to remove loading at the time of start-up.

Step 4. Click on the (-) button below the list to delete items from the start-up list.

Mac startup items optimize

Manual Method 6: Close Unwanted Apps

Uninstall Apps on Mac

Keep a regular check on the apps that are open and minimized in the Dock. Keeping multiple apps open for quick access may put a burden on the RAM and hamper the system performance. A bar or a blue dot on the app indicates that the app is in the open state. Click on it and then select Quit or press (CMD + Q) shortcut to quit running apps in the background.

Manual Method 7: Check Activity Monitor

You can always check the system performance in the Activity Monitor window. It shows you all running processes and their impact on CPU, Memory and other performance metrics. If you find something that is taking up longer than expected, you can always end the task and reopen it again.

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Check Activity Monitor

Automatic Method: Smart Mac Care

While looking for the best Mac cleaning software, you can always rely on top Mac cleaners like Smart Mac Care or CleanMyMac X for unmatched optimization and enhanced performance. These tools can boost up your Mac health by removing malware infections, unwanted junk files and privacy traces. These are one of the best Mac optimization software that can work in 2021.

how to scan with Smart Mac Care

Features like junk cleaners, privacy monitor, malware scan, and advanced tools such as App Uninstaller, Duplicate Finder, Failed Downloads optimizer, and Login Items optimizer are efficient enough to offer 365-degree protection, optimization and are best Mac storage cleaner for your Mac. You can cut down on the manual struggle of regularly checking and optimizing the Mac manually by using one of the best apps to clean Mac.


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