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Traveling is a must-to-do activity for everyone in the coming year- 2021!

Around 70% of people have already decided on the places they want to visit in 2021.

And, planning a budget-friendly tour is something we all want to consider for sure.

After the pandemic hit in 2020, people were locked in homes (lockdown), and even when the lockdown was lifted, there were restrictions on movement. Only work and urgency trips were allowed. This has made life a bit tough for all.

The most affected by this action were the travel bloggers, influencers, and others who loved traveling for fun. Thus many have already started planning to prepare a bucket list of places to visit in 2021.

But, since the pandemic has led to the economic downfall of the countries, the citizens might also be facing a struggle with handling household expenses, using savings, and planning trips while dealing with challenges like job recession, salary cutdowns, and unemployment.

This is why here I brought you a helping hand (Me again) to plan your budget-friendly trip. So, let’s get started; follow the steps below, and let’s fly!!!

3 Escape Routes from Over-Budgeting Your Travel

Listed below are 3 simple steps that you can follow and cut down up to 40% of your unnecessary prices. These steps can guide you to travel a 90% accurate plan where you don’t compromise with fun and save some extra pennies from overspending too.

  1. Count the money in hand

During the lockdown, and at various other times, your manager, supervisor, or some others have said that a certain percentile of your salary would be kept held now and reimbursed next year. Now, there is no wisdom in counting this future amount for your travel budgeting as it is not yet in hand. Strictly stick to the budget in-hand.

  1. Prepare a list of places to visit

Rather than scratching your head regarding which places to visit, prepare a list of places you want to visit. If you see a picture on Instagram, an advertisement online, or a suggestion from someone, note it down for the time being, then research in your free time and prepare the list.

  1. Analyze your budget carefully

Spend ample time in analyzing your budget, understanding the needs, dividing the amount, and separating them accordingly before you move further. Some things you can count on are transport, food, cleanliness, accommodation, entertainment, shopping, etc.

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How to Skip Overspending on Your Trip?

Here are a few extra tips that can help you save more before, while, and after your travel i.e. So, let’s take a look at them:

Before you travel:

These are some things you must consider before your journey to ensure you can save more during the whole span:

  1. Shop only what is needed if you are doing any or else save to shop there.
  2. If you are planning for long tours, cut down expenses of subscriptions that might not be necessary.
  3. Pack only what you feel is needed and check the weight to save extra bucks (for flight journeys).
  4. Make pre-bookings or online purchases of hotel rooms to avail discount.
  5. Don’t spend on activities that you are not sure of attending like concerts, festivals and such as you might need time to relax after reaching there

While you travel:

There are a few points that you need to look into as they can help you save some stones while traveling places:

  1. Carry reusable bottles, cutlery, and necessities to save on spending on them.
  2. Don’t eat at places near tourist spots as they charge more.
  3. Purchase from small/local shops if anything is needed as they don’t overcharge you like fancy showrooms.
  4. Stay at hostels or reasonable-priced places as you are out there to visit places and not sit in the room.
  5. Prefer walking more and having a closer look at places over hefty rides that can be avoidable.

After your travel:

Here are a few points people should follow to avoid extra expenses once they are back from a trip:

  1. Don’t put all clothes in the laundry; instead, try to reuse if any are possible and are neat.
  2. Avoid bringing in costly gifts for everyone just to impress them; instead, get them something purposeful.
  3. Don’t throw parties to share your trip stories or show-off your shopping.
  4. Take a day off from work to relax your body completely before you get back in work-mood as the otherwise can lead to stress or health issues.
  5. If you’ve brought something that you no more find useful, instead of storing it or giving it away, put it on sale.
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These are some before, during, and after points that you can follow to save money for a budget-friendly tour. Make sure you sanitize frequently and have a mask as a precaution.


  1. Usually people have a habit of shopping for the tour and on tour. But, if you are sure you want to go shopping there, then try to reuse your old clothes with some experiment and save those bucks for shopping.
  2. And make sure if you are going for international tours, you have enough cash to avoid the urgent need for currency exchange at hefty charges. You can also discuss this with your bank for further details.

3.Try to taste traditional and local foods that are available only out there over cliche’ pizzas and burgers that can be found anywhere. You can also avoid overeating or tasting different dishes in small proportions to not spend everything just on food.

Planning a budget-friendly tour in 2021 is not rocket science. Just a bit of careful calculation, proper planning, and thought to save some bucks, and you can end up saving a good amount and still make the best of your trip. So, what are you still waiting for? Go, pack your bags, and let’s fly…

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