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How to Transport Cold food

Whether on a family picnic tour, camping with friends, or for a food business we need cold food transportation. Either on short or long distances we have to prevent food from contamination during transportation.

Fortunately, you can travel with cold or frozen eatables on short distances by simply packing it in a cooler, insulated food pan carrier, or insulated container that can extend the safe life of your edibles. But on a business level, cold food transportation is an important issue. Food safety is the 6th biggest logistics challenge, according to a survey.

Perishable foods like vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, and kinds of seafood need reefer transport for long distances. It requires a proper temperature range, and a chilled or frozen state during the entire supply chain. Insufficient refrigeration causes the growth of bacterial and food spoilage microorganisms.

During the 1800s, food items were transported up to 1,000 miles away. In 1867, the first patented refrigerated rail car introduced cold transportation for meat and dairy items shippers. It was much simpler as compared to recent chiller transport, as the large blocks of ice were used in those first reefer rail cars.

Many companies manage the transportation of their goods internally, others hire third-party reefer rental services.

Temperature controlled food delivery

The temperature danger zone for food is  41 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, and the bacteria grow rapidly in 70 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. In temperature-controlled food delivery, 2 degrees C for a chill, -18 degrees C for frozen, and -29degrees C for deep-frozen items, is the standard temperature to maintain the quality of food. Above 40 F, it’s reasonable for about two hours before bacteria starts to grow.

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Chiller vans and Fleets can maintain the refrigeration unit and trailer to optimize required temperature control, ensuring product uprightness, and minimizing potential losses from temperature variations. Food transportation needs temperature-controlled delivery, keeping it cold (5°C or colder) or hot (60°C or hotter).

When potentially hazardous items are transported, they should be kept in a pre-cooled and insulated container to maintain safe temperatures. In vehicles, they should be kept in the coolest place. Other cold technologies are dry ice, plates filled with liquids, gel packs, liquid nitrogen insulated pieces that are kept around the freight to maintain the temperature.

Types of Cold Food transports

200billion metric tons of food are transported all over the world and 35% of it is done by road. Companies are equipped with refrigerated cars, chiller cargo ships, chiller trucks, and vans for transporting perishable goods over long distances. However, there are some special chiller van types that vary according to shipment needs. Here are different types of refrigerated vans.

  • Insulated vans
  • Chiller conversion vans
  • Semi  freezer vans
  • Full freezer vans
  • Isothermal vehicle

Refrigerated trucking is the cheapest and most flexible transport for perishable items,  because of its time- and temp-sensitive characteristics. 80 percent of all edible article’s shipments and 91 percent of all temperature-controlled freight, including around  28.5 million tons of chilled fruits and vegetables, are transported by reefer trucks.

Best chiller transport service in Dubai 

Our Fleets and vehicles for cold food transport are properly maintained at all times to provide food quality services. Properly equipped with refrigeration and neat and clean interior makes our transport services significant.

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We provide chiller rental services in Dubai with extreme vigilance and efficiency to preserve food and keep it in an outstanding condition when it comes to the ultimate consumer by keeping an eye on temperature control. When we take the responsibility of your perishables, they are safe and fresh, but only your worries will perish. Our freezer vans are always ready to meet your requirements for seasonal, long-term, or short-term services. Our well-trained staff and equipped vehicles are always available to meet your requirements.


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