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You will forget your Microsoft Outlook password and these free tools would help you to get your lost password. Microsoft Outlook is considered to be one of the most famous email clients around. It ranks among the top email client options, beaten by Apple’s integrated mail solution and Gmail. Many people use Outlook at some time, for their business, school, work, etc. many millions of users are using this and it is quite possible that someone will forget their Outlook password. In those moments, you need a tool that can help in recovering an Outlook password, leaving your data. And thankfully, the Outlook password recovery tool exists, and below are three ways that will help you in this.

Difference Between Outlook PST and OST Files

The way Outlook stores manage and save your data depends on the type of account you are currently using. The two main kinds of Outlook data files:

PST ( A Personal Storage Table)- It is the storage system Outlook that uses for POP and IMAP accounts. Your email is delivered to and stored on the mail server and it is only accessible while online. You can take backups of your Outlook email to work, this creates a new PST file. When you switch to a new computer, PST files to transfer between systems. Here are some of the best Outlook tools which will help you to migrate to a new computer.

OST (Offline Storage Tools)- You can use this when you want to keep an entire local backup of an email account. The data is stored on your system as well as the mail server. This means the user account email database is accessible, regardless of any network error. This only means the user account email database is accessible. Changes sync when the user creates a connection with the mail server.

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The two most important differences between the two files are:

PST data files store all the important information, such as passwords, to the local machine. This locks unauthorized users out of the Outlook account, protecting emails and user data in the process. The OST data file uses local storage but does not get any passwords. The PST file is open for password recovery.

The second major difference is a bug in Microsoft Outlook’s password protection which relates to password storage.

The Microsoft Outlook Protection Bug

When you enter a password on a website, this site does not store it in plaintext. It is what you are reading so that you can see why storing a password in this form is not so wise. This website takes a password and creates a hash. A hash is a long string of alphanumeric characters that show your password and is tied to your username. When you type your username and password, the database returns a positive response and you enter your account. But if an attacker enters the database, they only see a long list of confusing hash values.

Tools to Find Your Outlook Password

The Outlook PST password recovery tools would recover your password and allow you to unlock your data file. You can also remove the Outlook password from the file so that you can replace it with the one you remember.

PstPassword- It is a great free utility that retrieves PST passwords for local data files. This displays three potential passwords due to the encryption bug. If the first option fails, you have more choices. It does not need installation either. Your system may detect it as a corrupt file.

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Kernel Outlook PST  Recovery Tool- It is a limited free utility. The major limitation is the size of the PST file the toll will unlock. This tool would unlock PST files up to 500MB for free. If your data file size surpasses that you would want to upgrade to the Home License for $39.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password- This final tool costs $19 but it comes with a few options than either free option. This can recover and show passwords for PST data files. It can reset PST data file passwords. And can remove some passwords for OST data files.

The paid version shows and removes OST passwords, too, giving this the slightest advantage.

If you are unable to find the official website Microsoft, log on to Onlinegeeks.net and find the relevant blogs. They will guide you to the correct information to recover Outlook passwords. So, go ahead and head over to the Online Geeks technology blog and learn more about Microsoft Outlook.

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