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It will not be wrong to say that there are only a handful of cable TV plans like Spectrum silver package, for instance, that keep you satisfied and in peace, for the high-quality TV entertainment you receive at the cheaper rates you pay. Apart from that, generally, we see users struggling with their cable TV subscriptions either getting expensive with the passing time or not fulfilling the entertainment requirements as they should. Such are the times when you feel that it is just the right decision to pick up your phone and call your lousy cable TV provider to get your subscription off without paying heed to any lame reasons for its underperformance or hiking prices. That is it.

You are done and it is something you will be more satisfied to do. So in general, yes, if your cable TV provider is being a nuisance and you just cannot take it with the skyrocketing cable TV bills, then here is what you need to do-cancel your cable TV subscription. If you already have a reliable and impressive speed internet connection, you do not need a cable TV at all, especially if it has already got annoying for you. You can still access all the TV shows, as there are many other effective and cost-effective options available for you. It is always a good idea to buy a digital antenna as it allows you to access all the local stations like NBC, FOX, ABC, and others. An affordable one can even cost less than $40. So this might be a very promising option to get an indoor or outdoor antenna and place it at a good spot. Now you can enjoy watching TV without paying any hefty cable TV bills. Nevertheless, here is a look at the reason why cable TV can be a total rip-off:

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Bundling Issues

Every cable company seems to be dicing out bundle offers that involve combining internet, TV, and/or phone services. The consumers seem to be more drawn towards the bundle offers to assume that they might offer a chance to save money. What we often see happening is the cable companies offering attractively lower prices during a promotional period. Once you have availed of a cheaper bundle plan and the promotional period ends, you observe a certain jump in your cable TV plan. Another factor involved in the fact that customers that get a double or a triple play plan usually get to have one negative experience with anyone of the bundle service. 


A prominent aspect of subscribing to cable TV plans is the fact that you have to go through negotiations with the provider for a lower price. So you have to ask and convince them for a discount more often. There will providers who will accept your request and give discounts while there will be those too who will be least likely to offer any cut downs or benefits. So you have to be a good haggler to be able to walk out with multiple benefits.

Hidden Fees

The hidden fees are a big dilemma when it comes to cable TV providers. There have been a large number of complaints regarding the hidden fee discovered by the customers. These unexpected fees make the users annoyed as they end up making the cable TV bills pricier. The users want these cable TV providers to have a more transparent billing system and this is one of the main reasons they find streaming services more attractive. You do not have to worry much about any unexpected fee while you subscribe to the much cheaper plans of the streaming services. 

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Wrapping Up

Cable TV is a rip-off mainly because the cable TV fee seems to be out of control. The users find it pointless to see all the add ups and hidden fees in their bills. With other captivating options available, all the annoying cable TV fees are painful and thus we see a rise in the cord-cutting trends. More and more subscribers seem to abandon cable TV providers and head towards the more appealing and affordable streaming services to never-ending entertainment at cheaper rates. They also do not have to do through haggling or negotiations since the plans are already much cost-effective and have much to offer for the money you put in. 

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