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Finding the right cleaning service in your locality might be easy. With so many cleaning service providers online and in the market, picking the right one for you may become an exhausting process. Couple that with the idea of figuring out whether to get a cleaning service during the day time or night, and the process becomes even more complex.

Today, we will help you figure out what kind of cleaning – day or night – is better for your facility. 

Consider these points, and you can easily figure out the best time to get your office professionally cleaned. 

The Benefits of Daytime Cleaning

One of the major pros for considering professional cleaning is that it may be easier to see the dirt and grime in daylight, which can help with deep cleaning. However, here are some other pressing positives of opting for daytime cleaning. 

  • Energy Efficiency – When the janitorial service you hire attends your building during the daytime, while the premises is occupied with employees, you could conserve energy and use it more efficiently. But, how? During the day time, there is no need to light up the entire facility or maintain a certain temperature, specifically to get the job done. The facility is occupied according to the usual operating hours, and there’s no need to pay for extra power usage that usually occurs if the building were to be cleaned at night.

During night cleaning, many lights have to be turned on, and the HVAC system has to be turned on, which uses extra power and energy. 

  • Improved Response Time – The cleaning companies near you arrive at the facility quite early in the morning to get the space cleaned off before the employees start work. Doing so minimizes any interruptions, and the cleaning process is also less disruptive. 
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  • Secure Premises at Night – When the cleaning staff arrives during the daytime, it does not cause any security breach during, as most offices are only operational during the day. For many, security can be a huge concern at night. 


  • Improved Turnover Rates – Most cleaning technicians prefer to work in the day time. As more workers are available during the daytime, the cost might be a bit lower than at night. 


The Benefits of Night Time Cleaning


With all the positives mentioned above of day time cleaning, it may seem like there aren’t too many benefits of night time cleaning. However, you’d be surprised that there are many.


  • Uninterrupted Cleaning – Professional cleaning agents are trained to work efficiently without causing any form of disturbance to the employees. However, some facility coordinators still prefer that the cleaning process takes place at night to avoid any interruption or disturbance to working employees. Cleaning the office premises at night puts an end to all disrupts that could break the workflow during peak working hours.


  • Improved Health & Safety Levels – Some employees working at the facility might have allergic reactions to dust and dirt. Under such circumstances, it is best to get the building cleaned at night to avoid any constant sneezing and wheezing caused by cleaning chemicals or residue. Night time cleaning ensures employee health and safety. 

Let experts in the commercial cleaning companies near you handle your office cleaning needs with professionalism and experience. All you have to do is go through the above list of merits when it comes to deciding between daytime and nighttime cleaning, and let them know the appropriate time to deep clean your facility. You pick the time and leave the cleaning to the experts!

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