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A resume is a first and important step to get the desired job opportunity. If someone wants to pursue a path of success in his/her career he/she should pay special attention to their resume after all this document is your reflection.


Here we are mentioning some elements that should be in your focus while Preparación de Resume.


Personal Information


A resume tells about your skills, work history, and qualification to the employer. Academic information is important but personal information is as important as academic info.


So show your name, address, phone number, and Email information at the top of the document.

This information is quite important so don’t ever miss it to mention.


Goal Statement


Some people might think it as a not important thing in Resume Puerto Rico but don’t look it unnecessary. Your resume must contain a short sentence that should be related to the job position you are searching for. You can write this statement under the objective of the document.


You can use this sentence to highlight your skill. It could be beneficial to attract employers if you place your sentence smartly.


Academic Qualifications


You should mention the following things:


  • Name of your high school
  • Name to your university
  • Date of passing graduations
  • Courses
  • Certificates you have
  • Skills you have learned


Work Experience


This is a master player because experience in your resume will make the employer turn to your side. Place the following things in your list.


  • Summary of job
  • Volunteer work
  • Internship
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Try to mention a specific period instead of some ambiguous time like a few months and some weeks etc. You must be particular on


  • Job title
  • Name of organization
  • Date of joining and leaving
  • Job responsibilities and duties etc.


The mentioned information would make you a trustworthy candidate for the job and your chances to get an interview call would increase for sure.




It is the most important thing that you can’t afford to miss. Divide your skills into two categories soft skills and hard skills.


Soft skills may include being hardworking, honest, responsible, and loyal, etc. While hard skills may include your technical skills.


Generals Do’s and Don’ts




  • You must include a job description for the job position you are applying for.
  • Don’t miss out on the recognition or award received as the outcome of your job result.
  • Always remember less is more try to finish your resume in two pages and mention your experience carefully. A maximum of 5 years of experience is enough if you are applying to a small organization.
  • Read the job description carefully and update your resume accordingly.




  • Submitting the same resume everywhere regardless of the post description.
  • Mentioning ‘Salary negotiable’ upon request.
  • Use of jargons
  • Mentioning routine job work like Photostat etc.
  • Overuse of personal pronoun.
  • Mentioning about you were fired from your position.


A checklist you should go through before finally sending your resume


  • Have your phone number, address, and email is written on the top of the document?
  • Is your resume is readable and understandable in seconds?
  • Is your resume has all the key skills and experiences the employer is seeking?
  • Is your resume containing information relevant to the job description?
  • Are you truthful and authentic on your job achievements or playing modest?
  • Have checked the spellings and grammar carefully?
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If you have crosschecked all the mentioned points above carefully now it is the time to send your resume. You can send it to the employer.


Hopefully, the information and tips we have shared would end up being help for those who are seeking for a good opportunity for their career growth.


If you want to avail of our professional services for Preparación de Resume and Resume Puerto Rico. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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