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Beer brewing and dispensing require using a variety of tubes. From a beer hose that transfers the liquid to delivering hot wort or connecting to a pump, there are tubes of different materials and sizes. It might be a little confusing at first, but different materials are more suitable for specific purposes. Picking the correct tubes will improve the whole brewing and drawing process.

What Type of Tubing Is Used for Beer Lines?

There are silicon, vinyl, PVC, and other types of tubing commonly used for beer systems and brewing. However, it is advised to use certain materials for transferring the beer. Here are the best options for beer lines:

  • Vinyl – this material could be used for various purposes, but it is also suitable for beer. Make sure that you are buying food grade vinyl so it is safe to deliver the beer. Do not use this type of hose for high temperatures;
  • Beverage tubing – this is technically a vinyl tube, although the material is of much higher quality. These tubes have thick walls as opposed to the classic vinyl hoses. They are especially convenient for transferring draft beer under pressure.

As for the size, 3/16 inch lines are most commonly used for drawing beer. There are also 5/16 and 1/4 inch options available.

Where to Find the Best Tubing for Beer Lines?

It is possible to purchase a variety of hoses at hardware stores. However, they are usually the most basic kinds you could find. For beer lines, it is preferable to buy top quality materials at specialized stores that deal with draft beer and brewing supplies. Specialized stores also have all the other tubes necessary for the brewing process, such as hoses that withstand high temperatures and transfer gas for air supply.