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Kitesurfing is the most thrilling sport; cutting through the most powerful wind on a water board gives you extreme pleasure.

This water sport started in the late 90 century. And until now, it’s one of the most adventurous and popular nerve-racking sport. With passing years, now you can find kite surfers on almost every beach. Moreover, kitesurfing training institutes and shop selling equipment are also in every country.

Though kite surfing looks easy but lets me guide you, it can only be done by people who are thrill-seekers and can go beyond limits.

Without any further ado, let’s get to know about kitesurfing best destinations. I have compiled the best of this ultimate adventure guide. To keep the adrenalin coursing widely through the veins. Wondering where you can kitesurf then these are some of the best places where you can kitesurf in Australia:

10 best beaches where you can do Kiteboarding in Australia

Check out the best ideal places to enjoy the warm water and friendly winds, passing you.

1: St. Kilda’s

St. Kilda’s of Melbourne in Victoria is one of the famous places where you can kitesurf. Its high flat water is ideal for learners and pro surfer. Its warm water gives you extreme pleasure while surfing. Besides, at St. Kilda you can also find the most popular school named the Kite Republic to get yourself training for kitesurfing.

2: Shoalwater Bay

Shoalwater Bay is world class place to kitesurf in Perth. This calm and peaceful beach has no boats so that you can follow any wind direction. Trust me; it’s worth checking the beach if you’re a learner. Moreover, if you wish to stay near the beach and want to learn Kitesurfing, then West OZ is probably the best place that you can visit.

3: Margaret River

Another incredible spot that has smooth, flat water in Augusta at Margaret River. Where you can find the perfect wind for kitesurfing, so, if you want to thin out crowd, then there are multiple places that you can check out that includes Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Ellensbrook, Mainsbreak, or Boatramp.

4: Old Bar

This Ideal beach is located in New South Wales, which is three hours away from Sydney and 15 mins away from Taree. It’s a perfect spot for kitesurfing, but this beach has some restrictions too. Besides, summer is the best time to hit this beach, moreover on week days, as the beach is much quitter and great for surfing.

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5: Port Douglas

November is the best month to head out to Port Douglas that is located in Queensland. It’s super safe for new surfers. But, this beach can be a bit too crowded on weekends, so be careful before heading to this beach as its jam packed with visitors.

6: Brighton Beach

You can get the full experience of kitesurfing on Brighton Beach. This beach is a super exciting, kiteboarding destination with a lot of lifeguards. Moreover, you can also explore other beach attractions like bars and restaurants serving mouthwatering seafood that you can eat after surfing. So, get your boards ready and catch those waves on flat water.

7: Agnes Water

You can visit Agnes Water beach in Queensland. This post is not only safe for kitesurfing. But here you can also find additional facilities for accommodations and restaurants. It’s an hour and a half south of Gladstone to reach here using your car quickly.

8: Byron Bay

If you want to get that thrilling breathtaking experience, Byron Bay is the best spot for surfing. Its smooth waves give you a more exotic experience and make you a more confident surfer. It’s just a 30 mins ride from Byron.

9: Townsville

Townsville is also a well-known designation for kitesurfing and Alva is known to be the central spot of Townsville, here you can find kite surfers, suffering above the water. Moreover, this has even a lot more to offer so, it worth checking out.

10: Currumbin

If you’re an expert surfer, then this Currumbin beach is the perfect spot that has flat water on the inside and waves on the outside. You can find the flattest water due to a large rock wall protecting inside the Flat-water section so, if you haven’t visited this beach. Then, I recommend that you must at least once.

All these beaches are spectacular to perform kitesurfing. It would be best to take extra care and avoid surfing too far as the wind on these beaches might tend to be obstructed. So, it’s better to remain close to prevent oneself from getting into trouble. Since these, beaches can be pretty busy with visitors on the weekend. Thus, make sure to find the perfect launching and landing spot and skips unwanted injuries.

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So, before you head out, make sure to check every equipment you use. Ensure that your kite, lines, and safety system. Are all in proper working conditions before you head in the water?  Given below are some of the essentials that you can check out.

Kitesurfing Equipment – That are must-have

There are a few kitesurfing equipments that you must need to enjoy this thrilling sport. Make sure you buy only high-quality and durable kitesurfing gear as you can’t take the risk of your life. Also, use a particular store coupon to buy your gear at your pocket price so the sporting won’t get heavy on your wallet.

1: The kite

Double-check to see if there is no visible damage to the kite. It would be best if you also learn how to check the damage or leak. When you set up equipment for the first time.

2: The Bar

Make sure there are no cuts or frays in the lines.

3: A Seat Harness

Seat harness (instead of waist harness) is quite necessary. When you first time surf.

4: Water Shoes

Water shoes are recommended because of any cut on foot. Will ruin the whole experience of kitesurfing.

5: Wetsuit

It’s needed to maintain the body temperature in water and helps to adjust the temperature accordingly to the water.

6: A Helmet

To prevent the head from getting injuries, therefore ahead helmet is essential.

Since people have more awareness about this sport, you can find many stores offering proper quality equipment in all shapes and sizes. Now, the question arises why these are so wrathful.

Why you need these?

This safety equipment is necessary for all kite surfers as it keeps you protected from unexpected injuries while surfing. Perhaps, if you can do a bit of research, you will find people sharing their bad experiences. They gave up on this sport and how they encountered injuries, and still, those are not recovered to date.

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In short, if you want to save yourself from injuries. Then I would recommend that you join training and kitesurfing camps to become a level of surfer. Here are some of the best school that you can consider:

Best kitesurfing schools in Australia: 

1: Perth Kitesurfing School

2: Australian Kitesurfing Academy KITEOZ

3: GoKite RoseBud Kitesurf School

4: KBL – Kiteboarding lessons (School)


Moreover, there are many more yet. These are the few best ones. So, get trained first then master the waves.

Kitesurfing in extreme weather conditions- What you need to know?

No doubt, kitesurfing can also be a dangerous sport. Trust me. You should do this mind-numbing sport one in a lifetime if you wish to experience those breathtaking moments. Kitesurfing is full of fun in mid summery days. But it becomes more thrilling when you surfers in extreme weather. It becomes a do or dies surf of a lifetime as you experience the stunning waves and the spectacular wind. And, the view becomes perfect for recording—the mind-blowing adventure on film for posterity.

That doesn’t mean that you rush to the beach when the forecast has declared not to go. Because this adventure, in a blink of an eye, can turn into your worst nightmare. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions, no matter how pro you are at kitesurfing. A slight misbalance can lead you to death, as life is a precious gift. And that you wouldn’t like to spend it on a hospital bed.


Swimmers and surfers, if you’re all set to try this adventure sport. Then, buckle up your safety gear and surf the rip-roaring kitesurfing. Thus, make sure to keep safety first. Don’t forget to bring along with the camera to capture those beautiful heart-stopping moments of friends and family. And like them to share and cherish these moments for a lifetime.


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