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When you think of a diamond, there might be a picture of a bright sparkle material that often sits on women’s hands, but there is no surprise that diamond has another practical use. The secret behind the popularity of diamonds is its strength. As diamonds are one of the most complex substances and unbreakable elements, it is used to cut tough rocks and other hard materials such as concrete, bricks, slabs, blocks, etc. The industrial diamond drilling process is a highly effective and perfect method to accomplish drilling objectives where other substances might fail.

Diamond drilling London methods are often used in the construction industry to give precise and effective results for opening holes. To track every process efficiently, it is necessary to know how to choose equipment, implement drilling accessories, and take care of it properly. It is a good idea to look after the equipment from time to time and focus on keeping them safe, efficient, and long-lasting. But sometimes, drillers forget to perform their responsibilities due to carelessness or negligence.

In this article, we will provide you with a lot of useful information about the bad habits and carelessness of drillers and contractors made during the drilling process.

Lack of Patience

If you have no patience, then there can be a probability of getting hurt by accident during the drilling process, it can lead to delay in project completion, waste of money, additional costs, etc. Getting core tools in the box to make money has become one of the bad habits of drillers. Many drillers prefer to accomplish the work as quickly as possible without observing its outcomes. Sometimes though, it is required to be patient to get expected results. The valuable process takes time and diamond drilling UK is one of them. For instance, in a certain situation like deep hole drilling, it may lead to a mistake that will cost more than what you think when you rush. In the condition of deep hole drilling, burning or excessive heating of a bit at 100 meters can be an annoyance but at 1500 meters it’s a problem. So, it is necessary to look carefully at what you are doing, & how to use any tools and drilling equipment to get better results.

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Too much Lubrication is Not a Solution

Lubrication is another component that is used on all moving parts and drilling equipment. It is necessary to take time to lubricate accessories. Lack of proper knowledge of the lubrication process reduces the performance of drilling equipment. So, drillers should have a complete understanding of the lubrication process. Multi-purpose grease is a great element that can be used to lubricate a variety of tools including core barrels, drill rig including pivot points, bearings, etc. If you want to go with Drill rod grease, it should be extra tacky, and thick. Thread compound can be appropriately used on rods, casing and other thread connections.

Lack of Proper Maintenance of Equipment

Drillers and contractors should take care of their equipment and tools so that those tools can work appropriately for an extended period of time. This part can also help you save a lot of money, time, and efforts later on. It helps to control drilling functions properly and reduce the probabilities of equipment failure. But if drillers fail to take care of their equipment and tools, it may lead to operation failure. So, inspection and maintenance of equipment become essential.

Not Maintaining The Bore Hole

Drilling equipment is not the only element that needs to be maintained. A poorly maintained borehole and its accessories can also have a negative impact on drilling productivity. So, make sure that as a driller you take care of it. The borehole should be cleaned and flushed regularly after every single use. You should also ensure that you gauge your diamond tools regularly and manage an excellent stable hole using additives. Proper care of boreholes can help you save drilling projects from sudden vibrations, delays and failures in project operations.

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Closing Thoughts

You probably notice that there are numerous bad habits drillers should catch to grab an opportunity of getting the expected results from construction projects. Rushing on and ignoring responsibilities or avoiding a task tends to project completion delay, and increase your additional cost related to projects. If you are still confused and want great tips on maintenance of diamond drilling London accessories or tools, you should consult a driller specialist.

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