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Not all tables are created equal. For many reasons including size, complexity, age and even some clever workmanship, some are better than others. One thing you can always look for is workmanship and quality and this may mean you need to take a closer look at the tables. Mini billiard tables are very popular in these days especially in men. These are coming in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

Thus, there is one such shape in particular that is desired by many men. These tables are like mini boats, we have seen table design come and go, but one thing always remains true – you can never go wrong with quality and workmanship of mini bar billiard tables. These tables are also known as pool tables for their larger version or the full size billiard table.

Qualities to Check in Mini Billiard Table:

Here are a few qualities you can always look for when purchasing a mini billiard table.

1. A Billiard Table Is Only as Good as Its Frame

The frame is the key component of any mini bar billiard table. If the frame of the table is made of a soft material and lacks tensile strength and stability, it will create weak support for the ball and cause miss-shoots and mishaps. A stiff frame, like the metal or fiberglass, will provide excellent support and keep the ball well in play. You can look for this steel frame by simply looking at the style of the table and reading up on the reviews.

2. Straight and Flat Bases of Mini Billiard Tables

Some tables are made of two curved pieces that are connected at the feet of the table. If you do not want the bends in the arms of the table that come up and are almost reaching the table top, you should buy a flat-base table, especially if you are shopping for an area where you want the table to have maximum support. It is best quality to buy a table that has a flat and stable base.

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3. The Legs Take the Weight

Looking for quality legs are very essential before buying a mini billiard table. Make sure the legs are of good material and make sure that they are stable enough for the table to stand up. The legs should be strong enough to hold the weight of the table, but not too heavy as you do not want them to wobble and be out of your control. It is best to look at all the options and determine if you want to buy a folding or non folding leg and the prices of those.

4. There’s No Substitute for Slate

Look for a clear or brushed slate that is covered in black and silver checks. The black and silver check finish that covers the slate surface is one of the most popular finishes for a table. A Mini Bar Billiard Table with that clear or brushed finish is something that you should be proud to have in your home or bar. You can look at all the options available and find a quality product that fits your needs. The choice is up to you and you can always look at reviews to help you in making the best decision.

5. The Pocket Shelf is a Must

You need to be aware that you can never have too many pocket shelves. They give you more space to put stuff inside the bar. There are different types of pocket shelves, some have slightly curved shelves while some have flat shelves with holders at each side. You can find these pocket shelves from various brands and you can easily opt for the product of your choice. These are a must have for the perfect mini billiard table in your home bar.

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6. What is the Size of the Billiard Table?

In the United States, the size of a mini billiard table varies from the smaller ones that are ideal for a bar that is used for only a few people to a slightly bigger bar where more people can be seated to play. Also, in case the billiard table is taken in the United States to be used as a sports bar or other type of entertainment, you will need to consider the height of the table as well. Usually, a large table is used for longer sessions and the taller billiard table is suitable for those kinds of billiard tables.

7. Don’t Overlook the Equipment

This may not be very obvious to the casual observer, but it is important to keep up with the latest equipment that is available on the market. The least expensive mini bar billiard table does not guarantee you good quality as the materials used can degrade the quality of the tables. Make sure to use top-of-the-line materials that are appropriate for the billiard table that you are planning to buy.

8. Premium Wool Cloth or Felt Delivers Premium Performance

A premium wool cloth should be used for the base of the table. It has a lot of advantages and gives a great feeling when you put your feet into it. The construction of the mini billiard table is something that you should be keen on, and it should be made from high quality materials. You should also use felt or leather that provides a great feel when you use on it.

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Final Verdict

These quality tips are meant to help you in purchasing the ideal mini billiard table for your home bar. Take your time and think carefully about the mini table that you will be buying. You should choose a product that is suitable for your needs and the price is right. This will help you in maximizing the benefits that a table brings to your home or bar. We hope you have learned a thing or two and it will be easy to go through the process of getting a quality mini bar billiard table.

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