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Top 10 Mobile Apps for Business Collaboration

Including the progression of technology as well as regularly expanding the range of specific internet, the businesses are getting it challenging to address the complaints of their potential consumers in real-time, and also relinquish their towering expectations. This could be crucial for businesses to present high-quality services within an expeditious turnaround moment; multi-tasking of the services is the approach to go, plus mobile apps are accommodating businesses to do that.

By the app development firms furnishing customized outcomes, businesses are presently able to present better outcomes in a remarkably effective manner. Besides tons of mobile apps for business collaboration accessible in the specific play store, the business owners are disgraced concerning choice as well as become confused to determine which mobile app will properly satisfy their business requirements. To resolve this uncertainty we have gathered a list of the best mobile apps for business collaboration which can be utilized by businesses for their regular services.


Here in this blog, we have provided the top mobile apps for business collaboration which can be utilized to enhance productivity as well as nourish them to generate more extra revenue.


Slack signifies a text, video as well as audio chat app which is admired by authorized small business owners, higher enterprises as well as newbie startups similarly. In Slack, the users can easily set up various channels that different users have access through and also invite the temporary operators such as freelancers or the contractors to participate in the conversation. Furthermore, Slack has also a free version by which you can work without any obligation and a paid version also that endures at two levels that is $6.67 per month, per user, as well as $12.50 per month, per user.

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G Suite

When it is not a significant powerhouse Microsoft Office signifies, the G Suite denotes an exceptional option for the small businesses who do not want to spend in more extra Microsoft products although still required to interact as well as collaborate. Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, email as well as the Hangouts concerning chatting through video or text or are great productivity furthermore collaboration apps, mainly when you recognize that they all are completely free.


It is a business collaboration app that is not as well-known as its competitors, although it is deserving of note as it allows completely unique features that are mainly helpful for SMBs including international clients as well as co-workers. By UberConference, users could easily host the conference calls without any needed PIN as well as without internet access. Specific service may be utilized for free by up to the 10 users in one time, however, there is additionally a $10 per-user, per-month, subscription which allows plentiful strong functionality such as custom call-in numbers that you will love to use.


Concerning file syncing, particularly amongst one spread-out workforce which is not certainly all utilizing the equivalent OS or software, the Dropbox signifies a comprehensive tool. Prices start at $10 per month concerning every terabyte of the space. The preeminent minimalist design signifies accessible practice, enables businesses to access as well as share the information collectively, leave notes, review items as well as linger organized.


When your business previously utilizes specific Microsoft Office Suite, the next exerting advantage of the OneNote remains the no brainer for business collaborations. The OneNote users could sync their notes over various devices, distribute notes furthermore add over them, narrow permissions on various notebooks, moreover even do remarkable light project management, complete utilizing OneNote. Moreover, considering it is a Microsoft product, this is completely compatible including the surplus of the particular suite connecting Excel too.

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The Zoom mobile app has been the go-to app concerning video conferencing. This specific mobile app is very user-friendly with simple controls that do not need a steep knowledge curve. Free benefits are accessible for those businesses who have small teams, however, conference call times remain limited. And the paid benefits remain low-cost including unlimited call times as well as can become a portion of your daily organization meetups. The Zoom has exceeded the prevalence of Skype concerning video performance calls.


The business collaborators on the digital design projects will come together over InVision. Completely the design method, team members may meet up as well as share the growth within InVision. The feedback from the team members may be tracked by the mobile app along including implementing remote access through the whiteboard tool. The preeminent whiteboard feature enables you to distribute plans in specific real-time as well as give design remembrances to different members of the specific business.


The Trello mobile app is the most beneficial project management tool accessible for exclusive collaborations. The Trello boards could be customized for meeting your particular team requirements. You can design a board concerning any multi-person project either design a board for every department in your business. For example, project boards can be Blog Planning as well as Project Launches preferentially Customer Service Team moreover Marketing Staff. In Trello, you can assign responsibilities to further monitor growth. Trello serves as a pragmatic to-do list moreover grasps everyone approaching track for meeting business purposes.

Google Drive & Docs

The mobile app Google Drive possesses become a valuable source for managing projects collectively remotely. When you have a huge amount of the shareable content, formerly Google Drive executes it easy to grasp everyone in a specific loop through sharing the file access with team members. Google Drive is easy to practice as well as accessible from anywhere. Also, Google has even enabled an offline mode which used to provide access to the files while you are not connected to the internet. Google Drive further gives seamlessly infinite storage capacity. The users manage access to the files as well as share with the team members who are required to edit in the Google Docs.

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The mobile app Dashlane has grown into a must-have mobile app for business workers who require collaboration among team members. And saving passwords on the Excel spreadsheet signifies no longer considered secure concerning the team projects. The Dashlane app acts as the password administrator and enables you to accumulate and share information to make it accessible as well as safe for your business team to achieve access to specific tools they require. Dashlane presents both free as well as paid versions of exceptional service that is dependent on how generous storage is required. 


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