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Do you want to impress your boss with an innovative new marketing campaign? Do you have writer’s block that’s holding you back? Or even still, are you looking for some inspiration?

If so, CBD could help you be more creative with your way of thinking. This seemingly supernatural product has been linked with all sorts of health benefits like reducing stress and anxiety.

It turns out that studies also show there’s a relationship between CBD and creativity. And now thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has been made legal at the federal level.

Here’s all you need to know about how CBD helps with creativity.

What Is CBD?

Saying that you’re “creative” will receive different responses depending on who you’re talking to. However, it is a very valuable trait when applied in the right circumstances.

Generally speaking, creativity is the ability to innovate. It’s the difference between what already exists and what can be.

CBD can boost this ability – but what is CBD exactly?

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is one of the many substances produced by the cannabis plant. Hemp is very rich in CBD and the 2018 Farm Bill made the production of industrialized hemp legal across the US.

Now, while CBD comes from cannabis, it does not have psychoactive properties so consumption will not get you high (one of the main reasons why it’s become so popular). It’s actually THC, another common compound in cannabis, which is responsible for producing a high.

Some people associate the high from cannabis with increased creativity. However, it has the opposite effect.

Products derived from legal industrialized hemp will never contain more than 0.3% THC. This is the legal maximum concentration allowed and is actually less than 0.01% of the strength in some strains of marijuana.


Industrialized hemp-derived CBD for creativity ensures that you do not get high so you can stay focused on making something new.

The Science: CBD And Creativity

When you use CBD, blood flow to the brain’s frontal lobe increases. This is important because it’s been noted that highly creative people often have increased blood flow to this section of the brain compared to those that aren’t as creative. As shown by the Centre for Neuro Skills, the frontal lobes are responsible for processes like problem-solving and spontaneity, traits associated with creativity.

The brain uses blood flow to transport chemical compounds, allowing it to communicate with itself. As blood flow increases, the quicker the brain can think about various scenarios and topics. As a result, instead of looking for a single answer to the problem, the brain is able to search for multiple outcomes.

Increased blood flow can also sign “hyper-priming”. This is a condition where the brain makes connections between disparate concepts more easily.

So, when you use CBD, the increased blood flow to the brain means that you are open to more possibilities and able to process them more efficiently. It’s these abilities that are reported by CBD users.

You Need More Than Just Creativity To Innovate

As mentioned above, creativity is the raw ability to innovate and come up with something new. However, without guidance, all your great ideas won’t be able to make it to the real world.

Fortunately, taking CBD means that you will benefit from the entourage effect. This means that, while you may be using it for a specific use (in this case, to boost creativity) you will also benefit from its additional properties.

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For example, as mentioned by Marina Turea at CBD Kyro, using MP3 Free Songs Download can help improve your focus, enabling you to think more clearly about the task at hand, and keep you calm to act on your thoughts with increased confidence. In the end, you have a great overall solution that can help with creating more than you initially thought.

How To Use CBD To Boost Creativity

There are many ways you can use CBD to boost creativity. That said, some are better than others and they are as follows:

  • Tinctures
  • Vaping
  • Edibles

Tinctures are great for using CBD for creativity for multiple reasons. They are easy to use, you can adjust the dose depending on your tolerance and you get good amounts of CBD that is quickly available. Tinctures are great when you are required to be creative at the start of the day or during the slumps in the mid-afternoon. Check out this list of some of the best manufacturers in the US today.

Vaping is a quick way to get your dose of CBD. The CBD is sent straight to the lungs for almost instantaneous absorption to the bloodstream. Vaping CBD also gives you lots of customization. There is a huge variety of flavors and it’s easy to control your dosage. However, since it’s very fast to act, the effects will wear off a lot quicker compared to other methods available.

According to Alex Kapinski at NJGamblingFun, “The final optimum way to consume CBD for creativity is via edibles. They have been around for ages in the form of brownies or gummies. This means that they are often the tastiest way to consume CBD. In terms of the drawbacks, you don’t really get the ability to tune your dosage – it’s mostly a case of you get what you’re given.

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Further, you don’t start to benefit from the effects of the CBD until your body starts to digest it.”

The result is a very slow-acting CBD product, but this also means that the effects will last for a long time. Edibles are best if you are required to be at your creative best for extended periods of time.


Taking CBD can help boost your creativity by increasing blood flow to the frontal lobe in the brain. Since CBD also has other benefits like improved focus, you can benefit from the entourage effect and enjoy a synergistic solution.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should consult your doctor if you have any concerns about if CBD is right for you. This is particularly important if you ware taking existing medication as the CBD can interact with it.

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