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In this addiction-related blog post I will discuss that my girlfriend needs addiction help and how we fixed this issue. We’re talking about our experiences with addiction heroin addiction specifically and just some of the things that we went through in our journey to recovery so if you know anybody that might benefit from reading this paper piece you should share it with them.

Relationships & Addiction

Today I wanted to talk about relationships and how they affect recovery this has been something that my girlfriend has been suffering from last two years. In this particular scenario typically one person or both people that are in the relationship might be struggling with addiction one wants to get out before the other and it’s a really hard situation to deal with sometimes. In my case addiction help is required to my girlfriend who is in really precarious condition.

What happened when my girlfriend realized that she can’t manage her life anymore?

I want to dig into this a little bit I have a good amount of experience on both ends and my girlfriend went to rehab a year and a half ago for alcohol. So I’ve been on that end where you know. Just from all my experiences that I can tell you that a relationship can have everything to do with how good your recovery is going to go you know if you have someone there who you know if you’re using heroin you’re in a relationship with someone who’s using heroin.

For example, you’re like no you’re not going to quit right so with my girlfriend like when she stopped using alcohol because she went to rehab & she realized that she had a problem I stopped why because I know from experience that if she’s in a relationship with someone that drinks you know even though I drank very little even if she knows that I’m still drinking it’s like she feels like no one’s there because everyone around drinks and if she has her boyfriend not drinks with her that makes her recovery a lot easier. That’s how I can provide addiction help to my girlfriend.

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What kind of situations you can face in a Relationship?

you know what I mean like we can go places and I’m not ordering drinks. So since I’ve quit with her it make her recovery a whole lot easier and just going back when my best friend was using dope guess what it was a lot easier to use dope and I make it a lot harder to quit right so relationships have everything to do with recovery I think it depends a lot on the individual circumstances so we literally we get comments from people where they’re like hey me and my boyfriend or whatever we’re both addicts.

I want to quit he doesn’t that’s one situation in this situation you might need addiction help there’s other situations where somebody might be single and they’re you know starting to come out of their addiction on their own and this is another kind of pitfall that people can fall into because I mean we see a lot in like rehab centers you see these love stories kind of blossom with people are on their way out of recovery and I think a lot of times can be a really dangerous situation. I know that there are successful relationships out there and people that are positive influences on each other.

Concluding Remarks

In my experience, I think a lot of times when somebody’s coming out of addiction and they’re looking for a relationship it almost seems like it’s more to fill a void than to be in a relationship I don’t know wouldn’t what do you think kind of dangerous when you have two new people that are newly out of addiction getting together.