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Digital communication has changed and keeps changing the narrative in several ways. For example, the possibility of communicating digitally makes online sales and purchases possible. Online sales and purchases are quickly becoming the new normal and even displacing the practice of buying and selling in brick-and-mortar locations.

This has impacted several industries in many ways. For example, auto transport companies have been increasingly engaged in the past few years. The possibility of buying and selling vehicles online is one of the factors responsible for this. This is not surprising considering the increasing number of active internet users.

Well, people who transport their vehicles using auto transportation services have to choose between enclosed or open carriers. As a result, many of them would like to know which is better for their vehicle. To this end, this article will touch on this subject.

Open vs. Enclosed Car Shipping – Choosing the Right Option

Open vs. Enclosed Car Shipping – Choosing the Right Option

Before anything else, it is important to stress that both options have their pros and cons. Furthermore, the better option depends on several factors rather than being an outright answer. To this end, here are some tips to help you know which is better for transporting your vehicle(s):

Cost-Effective – Open Auto Transportation

Usually, enclosed auto transportation services do not come close to the open option in terms of cost-effectiveness. The latter is usually a lot cheaper.

To put things in a better perspective, the open auto transport services can be between 30 – 50 percent cheaper than its alternative. As a result, it is outrightly the better decision for people who are only concerned about getting the cheapest possible price.

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For the record, this option is the more patronized car shipping service and this is mainly because of its cost-effectiveness. For example, car dealers get to save a lot of money using this option rather than the enclosed option.

Vehicle Protection – Enclosed Auto Transportation

The word “cheap” is commonly associated with “inferior” in some quarters. Well, some people would like to think that the cheaper open auto transport service is inferior to the enclosed option.

The reduced vehicle protection feature that open car shipping service offers is one way this seems to be justified. You see, vehicles that are transported this way are exposed while on the move.

This is even though they are secured. As a result, slight damages caused by nature’s elements and/or road debris can happen while in transit.

On the other hand, vehicles shipped using enclosed auto transportation services are more protected. This is besides being well secured. For more information on this.

Availability – Open Auto Transportation

For the most part, enclosed car shipping requires a longer wait time. The fact that most people who use auto transport services use the open option is the reason for this. For those curious about why this is the case, it is mostly about its cost-effectiveness.

To provide a better perspective, between 6 – 8 people out of 10 people are likely to use open auto shipping services. The implication is that most people who use enclosed auto shipping services have to wait much longer for the carrier to have enough vehicles before hitting the road.

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On the other hand, open carriers are more likely to get filled up on time. This also means that they usually get to hit the road on time. As a result of this, some people who use enclosed carriers even have to pay extra for expedited services.

This is so that they can have their vehicle delivered sooner than it would normally take with this option. So, the open carrier option is better in this regard.

Discreet Shipment – Enclosed Auto Transportation

Open car shipment happens in such a way that everyone who sees the carrier knows that it is transporting vehicles. Furthermore, they know extra details, including the types of vehicles being shipped. This is to say that this option is not in any way discreet.

As a result, it is not one to be considered by people who need their vehicles shipped as discreetly as possible. So, in the Enclosed vs. Open Car Shipping debate, the enclosed option comes out on top in this regard. This is considering how this option makes it possible to ship vehicles discreetly.

By the way, this is usually why it is a better option for transporting luxury, classic, and generally high-value automobiles. So, you may want to look towards this direction when you need to ship vehicles as discreetly as possible.


The Enclosed vs. Open Car Shipping debate has been ongoing for a long time. Well, the better option depends on the priorities of people who need car shipping services. So, people in need of these services should make the right choice by taking cognizance of their priorities.