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Undoubtedly, shopping for women’s shoes online is excellent. You have access to several types of shoes from countless brands at varying prices. 

However, the downside to this is that it can be pretty challenging for you to find the right shoes ideally in line with the description, product images, comfortable to wear, and most importantly, the correct size.

To help you make online shopping more enjoyable, make use of the following eight tips to find the right shoes without wasting money.

Perfect zoom pictures.

One of the primary struggles of shopping for shoes online is to get an accurate sense of the shoe size and quality.

However, you can make this a bit easier by shopping on a familiar website that allows you to view the shoe from different angles.

You can also zoom in to see the material of the shoes, their texture, colour, and final finish.

The next thing to do is see how the shoe looks like on a model’s feet. For example, you could view your favourite shoes, a model’s feet to see how it fits around the ankles, how much toe space exists, and how it makes your feet look overall. 

If you cannot find the pictures from one shoe brand, try looking for the same with other brands. This is because different brands have different ways of photographing a product and presenting them.

Get accurate measurements of your feet

The next step to finding the right women’s shoes online is to get accurate measurements of your feet. 

Start by placing your feet on flat white paper and use a pencil to trace the outline. Make sure you measure the full length from the tip of your toe till the feet’s heel. Make sure you get the measurements for both feet, as they tend to differ on both sides.

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Once you have the measurements, you can easily spot your shoe size by viewing them alongside a conversion chart.

The most frustrating thing about sizing is that it is highly inconsistent with varying brands. And even within the same brand, there could be minor inconsistencies. This is why you need to refer to a conversion chart to translate your size according to the brand’s sizes.

Shop from tried and tested brands

If you are feeling doubtful about sizes, stick to the brands you have already tried before. This way, you will better understand which shoes will fit you the best and how comfortable they feel on your feet.

Test with an affordable pair

If this is your first time purchasing women’s shoes from an online store, order a test pair that is affordable and not too expensive. This will help you determine how the fit and size of the shoe will be, which helps to decide whether or not a brand will work for you.

Be clear with the return and exchange policies

Before purchasing a pair of shoes from a store, make sure you carefully read through the return and exchange policies.This is true if you want to purchase from an overseas retailer.

Read Through the Reviews

According to recent studies, 94% of people said positive reviews motivated them to buy a specific product. This itself makes it clear how critical product reviews are. Make sure to read the reviews of a product before you finally purchase them.

The more positive reviews a pair of shoes has, the more reliable the product is.  

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Parting Thoughts

Browsing through the online market to find a pair of new shoes can be exciting. However, make sure to use the points mentioned above to zero on the best product. 

And remember, the perfect pair of women’s shoes online will help keep your feet comfortable and stylish throughout the day!

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