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Last year was a rollercoaster ride. We were introduced to the monotony of a new normal. But, wouldn’t it be great to go back to the old days? Well, now you can. Spring break is just around the block and we are ready to experience the wanderlust. 

Port Aransas a quaint beach town on Mustang Island is adorned by the scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico. A popular destination for tourists, Port Aransas offers various activities for kids and adults. The vibrant nightlife along with some of the finest local cuisines makes it an ideal spot for holiday seekers. 

However, with everything that has happened in 2020, travelling feels like a taboo. But rest assured, booking vacation rentals at Port Aransas comes with all the safety measure to make your stay safe and phenomenal.

Planning a vacation: what to do in Port Aransas?

Port Aransas spring break 2021 will be a blast! Why? With many businesses reopening for the tourists, newcomers can experience the local life, cuisine and party like their college days! 

The majestic views of the beach are a perfect setting for a destination wedding. These beaches offer quiet a sunset view too if you want a peaceful evening to yourself or with your loved ones. 

Everyone deserves this long-awaited vacation, so if you are looking forward to waking up to the sound of the waves or just have some time alone away from the ruckus, all you need to do is book Port Aransas most affordable beach rentals which give you an experience of a home away from home. 

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Apart from the vibrant local life, you can also go golfing at the best golf courses in Port Aransas. Many beachfront condos in Port Aransas are just a short drive away from the famous link-style golf courses. However, if you are here to experience the best of marine life, you can find some friendly dolphins in the teal waters of Port Aransas near the Lydia Ann Channel. 

Port Aransas feels like a dream throughout the year. You can enjoy everything it has to offer all year round, including winters. 

If you are planning a vacation with your family, Port Aransas is the best. Affordable Port Aransas beach-front houses for rent are an ideal choice while travelling with kids. Moreover, don’t miss the Red Dragon Pirate Cruise! This cruise is a treat for kids and adults. While your kids have the time of their lives, you can sip down some of the finest drinks they have to offer. 

Port Aransas offers a variety of activities to choose from. You can go bay fishing, charter trips, dolphin watching, etc. 

Although if you want to spend some lazy afternoons with your family or friends, visit the new Schlitterbahn on North Padre Island. Treat yourself to some good food, cool pools and enjoy a whole lot of relaxed hours. 

But, this isn’t what Port Aransas only offers. If you are planning a getaway with your boo or your friends, well, the town comes alive even at night! If you are looking to sip down some drinks and dance the night away, Bernie’s Beach House is your perfect destination. However, if you want to sing instead, Salty Dog Saloon is the best karaoke bar in town. 

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If you are looking for a budgeted getaway, plan your vacation this spring break. Why? Well, the peak seasons often have expensive rates. Spring break, winters are the perfect time to get some amazing deals on your stay and other expenditures as well. But with the recent pandemic, booking off-season can be a surplus! Booking off-season means there won’t be much crowd and you can have a safe time at the beach.


Port Aransas has something to offer to all ages. Spring break is a perfect occasion to let loose and have fun. If you have already packed your bags and looking for a place to stay, vacation rentals at Port Aransas are your great choice. These vacation rentals come with excellent staff service and ensure a safe stay. The best Port Aransas beachfront houses for rent come with amazing views and soothing sounds of the waves which can be a perfect stress buster for the weekend. 

Although, it is important to understand that the pandemic is not over yet and maintaining social distance and safety protocols are a must. Carry sanitizers and wear masks at all times and if possible avoid swimming on crowded beaches. 

Happy spring break!

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