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Scissors are the most used and essential surgical instruments used by surgeons during an operation. These specialized tools are used to cut the tissues or organs inside the body. These scissors can be curved and straight. Surgical scissors come in different shapes and sizes. 

Moreover, the efficiency of scissors depends on their degree of sharpness. Sharpening surgical scissors allow precise cutting and dissecting muscles during surgery. Scissors are made up of high-quality stainless steel, which provides great strength to surgical scissors. 

However, sometimes the cutting edge of surgical scissors is reinforced with tungsten carbide to make them hard. The sharp and hard edges allow smooth cutting making it easier for the surgeons to work efficiently. 

There are more than 2000 different surgical scissors available in the market based on their style, shape, lengths, and cutting edges to meet the needs of various procedures. Scissors are usually designed for right-handed persons. However, high-quality left-handed scissors with good strength and can also be used for left-handed individuals or surgeons.

How To Select The Appropriate Scissor For Medical Procedure?

Moreover, surgical scissors are generally classified into two groups; operating and dissecting scissors. The surgeons use sharp surgical scissors to remove the skin tags and to cut the tissues or skin. 

The operating scissors may have pointed, curved or blunt blades. The type of cutting blade depends on the surgery that has to be done. Whereas dissecting scissors are used to isolate or differentiate the tissues or organs. These scissors are more precise and are widely used during surgeries.

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However, fine tip scissors such as vannas are ideal if you are operating in a certain restricted area. These are mostly used for ophthalmological surgeries that usually require an incision of delicate tissues. These scissors allow quick, easy, and precise cutting without causing damage to the tissues with the blades. 

surgical scissors

Moreover, curved scissors are an excellent choice if you want to avoid cutting the underlying tissues during operation. Additionally, the heavily constructed scissors-like mayo and Metzenbaum scissors are used for cutting thick tissues or vessels.

The need for special scissors is low in visceral surgeries; mostly Metzenbaum scissors are used in this case. However, these scissors are the most suitable and ideal choice for handling abdominal tissues and organs. The Metzenbaum scissors are expensive and are not generally used for rough tasks such as sutures or sponges. 

Thus, surgeons use mayo scissors for this purpose. Mayo scissors (often called suture scissors) have semi-blunt tips; the blades of mayo scissors are stronger than Metzenbaum scissors. The plastics and rubbers require more cutting force than any muscle or tissue; thus, the sharp blades of mayo scissors allow precise cutting of the objects.

Disinfecting And Sterilization!

When it comes to surgical instruments, safety becomes crucial. For surgical procedures and dealing with wounds, protection means complete prevention of microorganisms. The first step before using any instrument is to clean and sterilize it. 

Cleaning the tool removes debris, blood, and other particles from the surgical clamp scissors. Whereas, sterilization keeps the instruments safe from microorganisms such as bacteria so that they do not invade in the patient’s body and cause infections.

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Moreover, choosing the best way to sterilize the medical equipment is necessary.  When you use an inappropriate and low-quality method for sterilizing the medical tools, it may produce drastic results. 

Non-sterilized or insufficiently sterilized small surgical scissors may transmit various infections causing illness or sometimes death of the patient. There are different methods of sterilization, such as dry heat sterilization, steam sterilization, and chemical sterilization.

Quality Of Surgical Scissors Play An Important Role For Surgeons In Various Procedures

Scissors are extremely important surgical items; therefore, it is essential to manufacture them with high-quality materials. There are different types of surgical scissors online, and manufacturers make these scissors with stainless steel, titanium, plastic, carbon steel, or a combination of different alloys. These alloys may be nickel, cobalt, or chromium. These alloys provide great flexibility and strength, which result in an excellent performance. 


However, based on their quality and manufacturing material, scissors are categorized into two groups; Disposable and non-disposable. Disposable scissors are usually made of low-quality plastic or materials that can be disposed of after use. 

Whereas, the non-disposable scissors are made of high-quality materials. They can withstand any damage or harsh conditions of sterilization and various chemical effects of body fluids or secretions. The models contrasted with plastic are disposable, while the steel and alloy scissors are reusable.