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Yoga has been around since 3000 B.C. in India circa. In Indus Valley, stone-carved figures can be seen in different yoga postures. The plethora of benefits from yoga include enhanced digestion, stress-relief, and weight loss. Apart from these benefits, most people look to yoga to find Zen. Yoga is also beneficial for chiseled arms, strong glutes, flexibility, calming your nerves, and toning the body. It can even help treat insomnia and prevent diabetes.  

Traditionally, yoga is an ideal way to breathe, stretch, and enjoy “me time.” However, practicing yoga with a partner can have its own benefits. Commonly known as couples yoga or partner yoga, it improves communication and strengthens your bond and trust. Alongside these benefits, there is also the added benefit of yoga asana for promoting intimacy with your partner. No wonder 36 million Americansare opting for yoga each year.   

Are you looking to have a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner? Try couples yoga for intimacy with your partner to reap the many benefits. Here are four incredible ways yoga asana can promote intimacy and add spark to your love life.  

Reconnect with Your Partner 

It is no secret; couples who enjoy new activities together have a better relationship quality and attraction. New activities can lead to a lot of fun, sharing meaningful experiences, and spending quality time together. Couples yoga benefits include reigniting connection, passion, and reviving your relationship. It can also lead to mindfulness, which allows you to be present in the moment and pay undivided attention to your partner.  

Build Trust and Communication 

Yoga sessions require you to lean on your partner, all the while enabling you to communicate both nonverbally and verbally. It requires trust, support, and vulnerability. Psychologically, your partner’s physical touch is viewed as accepted, appreciated, cared for, safe, valued, and worthy. Moreover, mimicry of actions can boost empathy and improve bonding. This type of yoga requires partners to rely upon each other for balance and strength in poses. Hence it helps improve communication. Furthermore, since partners must depend upon each other, it engages both partners to live in the moment fully.   

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Benefits of Yoga for Stress and Anxiety 

According to astudy published in Psychological Science when married couples hold hands, they feel immediate relief from stress. Couples yoga not only requires you to hold hands, but certain poses such as backbends and Camel pose are explicitly designed to open up certain areas of the body. Practicing these poses not only leads to relief from tension, pain, emotional and physical stress, but it also creates space for new energy.   

Even if you enjoy yoga asana on your own, you can greatly benefit from its stress reducing benefits. Yoga helps lower cortisol levels in the body, which is the stress hormone. Did you know high stress levels can plummet your libido? Whether you are stressed at work, in the relationship, or due to finances, no matter the source of stress it can take a toll on your love life. During stressful times, your arteries can narrow down and therefore restrict blood flow to the pelvic region, which is vital to maintain an erection.  

Yoga for Boosting Libido 

Though yoga itself does not directly affect romance, it utilizes breathing, postures, and movements. Moreover, it builds a new level of connection, communication, and trust. Conflicts in relationships usually arise when couples feel out of sync. Couples yoga helps them move together, synchronizing their movements and bringing them on the same wavelength, thereby creating harmony and peace.  

Practicing the best yoga poses for male libido can be a powerful way to promote your love life, as it fosters flexibility that is great for all the positions you can try during intercourse with your loving partner. Yoga also helps maintain healthy body weight, elevates self-esteem, and lowers tension. Different yoga asana can promote oxygen-rich blood circulation around the pelvic region, fueling passion and desire for better performance.  

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We recommend you try the Pigeon Pose as it helps release tension from the hips while putting your mind at ease. Also, try the Cat/Cow Flow asana, as it helps strengthen the Kegel muscles vital for intercourse. The Eagle pose is one of the best yoga poses for intimacy. It requires you to cross the right foot over the left one. Once released, blood rushes through the cervix, which helps you perform better physically.  

If you are suffering from a loss of libido and do not have any body aches, you must-try the Bond Angle asana. Though this is one of the best yoga asanas for increasing libido, it tests your limits in terms of flexibility and, therefore, is more appropriate for advanced yogis. The Bond Angle pose promotes oxygen-rich blood flow to the pelvic region, elevates vitality for coitus. Yet another must-try is the Downward Dog pose. This pose tones muscles, strengthens the hip muscles, and elevates confidence, which are excellent for improved intimacy with your loving partner.  

Supplement for Loss of Libido 

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Yoga asana is excellent for promoting blood flow, maintaining weight, boosting your body confidence, and libido. Nonetheless, like everything else, it takes time and consistency to get the desired results. The fastest result you will notice with yoga is stress relief. Since stress is one of the causes of low libido, it can benefit your love life immensely. Once you feel relaxed, you will be able to enjoy intimacy better. Spice things up with yoga today to strengthen your bond. 

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