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A lot of new members who have been interviewed as well as offered a new job have been stuck in between jobs due to the pandemic. Due to social distancing and a nation-wide lockdown, recruiting and hiring are a big problem in every sector. Now that working from home has become the new normal, a lot of challenges stand in the way of recruiters. In this pandemic, the HR and hiring managers of a company are losing out on top talent and more and more employers are now looking for alternate strategies to manage their team.

According to healthcare recruiter India based top companies, technology is a key aspect in these trying times. It is very essential for HR teams of companies who want to hire the best of the best even during these times of uncertainty. With tons of changes happening in every industry, it is important to keep everything on track. And we are here with tips for recruiting in this pandemic as well keeping employees engaged during a time of social distancing:

1. Go for Digital Recruitments

Since all actions are stopped in physical mobility, everyone is relying heavily on technology. Technology is being used for recruiting, interviews, meetings as well as termination and pay. This will be the future of jobs as well considering that this pandemic is never really leaving us. Since in-person meetings and recruitment is not possible, shifting towards a digital approach is the way.

The HR teams do not want to hire for the present but want employees, in the long run, hence using technology will be the most viable option. But since everything is online, nothing can be messy. Everything needs to pre-planned traditionally for the smooth functioning.

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2. Shifting more focus on the current team rather than hiring a lot of new people

Since recruitment has become very hectic now that people are not physically meeting, it is better to focus on the current team members. HR teams don’t only struggle to maintain records of existing members successfully, having a lot of new members will add to their already heavy pressure. Along with the current travel bans and suspended visas, a lot of companies do not have any international communication adding to their loss, and in this case, adding new people to the team is not the answer.

3. Invest in agile assessment solutions to better support the remote workforce of your company

Marketing and recruitment will never be the same as it was before the pandemic. Recruitment, in the same way, will lead to many failures. These include changing the labour environment, changing the rules and regulations of being able to conduct business daily, and changing the way the current process is going on. This pandemic has made it clear that the requirement for technologies that support remote working, were earlier misunderstood and undervalued. The business recruitment processes need to shift towards an updated management process which should all be digital.

4. Share your tips and trick to interview people and attract them to the company

This global pandemic situation has brought about a lot of very important changes. And these businesses include a significant increase in conducting remote interviews. For these interviews, the HR team of companies currently recruiting can share a list of tips and tricks to ace that personal interview.  

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Healthcare recruiter India based experts recommended that this list can include looking professional, being a tech wizard, eye contact maintenance, and how to set a private, no-disruption place to have the interview. This will always ensure that the HR teams do not miss out on an aspiring candidate who could not do well due to the online medium. HR needs always to be prepared to face people with great foundation skills to work on important company projects.

5. Staying connected with the top management efficiently and effectively on a digital platform

Even in these trying times, it is a must to be connected with the top tier of management of the company. Even if no new member is being recruited, maintaining that connection is very essential. 

And if new people are being recruited, then this is the most important thing to do as this will help a company prepare a talent funnel for the company as and when they hire in the future. Doing this will keep the organisation and its relationship with its employees strong.


The recruitment process nowadays is quite tricky. There are a large number of people who are qualified but hiring everyone is not possible. It is a very problematic time, especially for new graduates who are looking to enter the industry. A few industries have completely stopped recruiting new people, but a few industries such as forestry, food production, and dairy have been recruiting.

It is a tough time for everyone, but it is all about adapting and adjusting to this change. The recruitment process needs to spruce up its ways to thrive in a post COVID world. For the best healthcare recruiter India based services, look for the most efficient partner for your business. A change is about to come and so is an evolution. Changing the ways of recruitment will bring your company to success.