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When it comes to the HR department it is really getting tough for them to recruit people with the exact skills what the employers are looking for. If they have very strong technical skills then they might not be an as cool person to take up things lightly, so the recruiter process also still takes a diversion from the old method of recruiting. Many of the employers incorporate more AI-related techniques in order to recruit the right candidate for their business.

Modernize Recruitment and Your Company Will Benefit

Nowadays employers want to have an interview process that saves a lot of time and cost for the company. When it comes to modern recruitment ideas it genuinely helps to get connected with candidates and they are slowly able to analyze the performance and select them. Through advanced technology, you can hire the right kind of people for your organization. You can have recruiting software to help you out in all the odd cases you are facing in selecting the right candidate for your business.

Helpful Tips for Recruiting and Hiring

Recruitment and selection strategies are 2 inseparable things overtime, here we will discuss few things on how to efficiently select an employee.

  • Use formal and informal methods to attract the employee to apply for the post
  • The employee care policy helps them to retain for a longer time
  • Provide a good Review for your business needs and job descriptions
  • Build a candidate pool
  • Add your business mission and values
  • Clear them their legal and social queries


Use Artificial intelligence which is a newer technique to hire people in business roles. You can have a quick chat with the candidates on the Chabot and check for their talent whether they will fit into the role or not. Through online mode, you can easily scan their data and find previous organization experience and etc. You can even analyze their sentiments too. Most of the recruitment software will have these options to chat with the employees and collect the data and forward to the HR department.

Video interviews

There is no boundary to work and to find candidate to work for you. You can use any of the platforms like Skype, Google Hangouts, Face time to conduct an interview. It is one of the smoothened online modern recruitment processes. You can have a video cat with them and you can decide in nature itself that whether you want to recruit them for the job role or not.

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Social media

Social media is a great place to get your potential candidates. It is always good to have a professional network and get in touch with your candidate. You can easily observe what they are posting and what they are actively participating in and etc.

Recruitment Planning

Organizing an interview will not definitely happen in a day’s time, you need to shortlist the candidate and you should set up different rounds of interviews for the employees and a lot more things.

Identify staffing needs with a broad view of the entire staff; learn about the appropriate vacancies, having a list of proper job requirements. Then there needs to be the preparation of JD, with the right set of skills and the degree, and the performance to narrow down to the right employee. Decide terms and conditions of contract/employment what is the kind of probation period, etc. The final segment of the review also should be fulfilled.

When it comes to the either kind of recruitment their only aim is to choose the right suitable candidates based on the job requirements and specifications.

Direct Method

When you visit a university or college or get the contact of the placement coordinator to fulfill your employee recruitment then it comes under the direct method. You will be getting great sources or more resources for candidates usually at entry-level positions. Finding some candidates with specific skills or specializations can be a little tough when you directly visit a college or university.

Job fairs 

Job fairs allow prospective employees from different colleges sometimes 2 to 3 previous batch employees who ahs already have fewer years of experience in the segment you are looking for can happen to meet with representatives of the company. Interviewing then at the job fair can be done and the application process can be filled out, the HR manager can assess the individual skills to be brought to the table.

Formal internship programs

Usually, many companies offer internships and even it is compulsory on some courses in the last year as a syllabus they need to have an internship. This method of selection and recruitment allows applicants to work with the company directly on a temporary basis for at least 3 to 4 months. This gives the company an opportunity to know better about their job skills, and performance has already been assessed by the HR manager.

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All these processes may be time-consuming one but you can get a sculptured candidate for your process through this kind of recruiting process.

Indirect Method

When it comes to indirect methods HR will help to conduct different segments of interviews within their organization in order to select the right candidate for their business.

Professional organizations and associations

If you post a vacancy for your organization, you will be having multiple choices to choose employees from, there is much non-profit organizations that will provide you HR software related services in order to fill out the vacancies you are looking for. They can help you to get the candidate who is very industry-specific and the one who can communicate better with others and have good networking options.

They are great resources for identifying a potential employee or skilled applicant, and networking, sometimes you might be charged for the kind of ads they give for you.  It might even look like a time consuming one as you need to apply for the job and wait for some time to find the right candidate and then conduct the interview processes ad choose one.

Website/Internet Recruiting

When you have constrained on money and you want to hire the right potential candidate for your business then you can approach the websites that give you a free portal for your company space. You can enter the details like job title, description and also a detail JD you are looking for, you can even mention the salary part also there and also an apply button or you can add the contact details of right recruiting person there. So all the interested employees will either drop an email or send messages to the particular number in order to expose their skill. It is the responsibility of a job recruiter to address all of them individually and close the position.

Social Media 

As discussed earlier on this blog SM can create a vibe in no time it will help to get the public interaction in an easier manner. When you have the right talent, you can get on to the company account and apply there. Posting on social media can have more reach than the other traditional recruitment methods. It is enough that you only have a social media account to post for the job openings, so you can save a lot of time and money then. Social media allows recruiters to project their creative ways to assess performance and skill, they are very inexpensive since when you click the post either it will navigate to the careers page of the website, where you can enter all the required data and submit them. But you have to wait for the employees to respond to the ads you mention on social media. It is really a time taking process and you can’t jump back with everyone in your network for the options, some may even have a partial skill that you are looking for. So according to the requirement of choosing the right candidate, it depends upon each individual recruiter to choose the one that suits them the best for them.

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Variety Improves the Workforce

When it comes to technical interview process you will be having a telephonic round, then a written session, then something with technical round, Video-calling round and etc. But all these things can happen either in a virtual or a physical model. Having good creativity and varieties of the workplace will allow you to have a workplace that is interesting and enriching. When you have this kind of environment for each employee, they are more admired and want to be a part of your organization. Most of the employees are very concerned about the culture in the organization, gender equality their traditional norms and variation, etc

When the HR people do the recruitment and selection it will allow an individual to work in an environment where employees learn from one another and enhance their skills, grow their organization with the enhanced skills.

Final Thoughts:

Either the selecting or recruiting team uses the modernized workforce to choose the right candidate, there are more challenges on their way. You can make use of all those automation software that go hand in hand in order for you to help with the process.

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