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Cellphone devices are one of the most fascinating and handy technologies that are capable of doing wonder for us. Over the last decade, the smartphone industry has made its way to the next level. You can make phone calls, send and receive text messages, download instant messaging apps, log in to your emails, and share your GPS location with your friends and many more. The contemporary mobile devices are precious for the users because they can save plenty of confidential data regarding their business, bank statements, passwords, music, files, and private videos and photos.

Therefore, the security of the smartphone device should be the first and foremost priority of the users. So, if you are suspecting that someone is keeping an eye on your cellphone device, then it is an alarming situation for you. You need careful someone who can do surveillance on your smartphone. Parents, employers, hackers, government officials, and can track your mobile device to the fullest.

 7 signs that your smartphone is under surveillance

There are following sings that you need to keep in your mind that can alarm you whether your device is under surveillance or not.

Battery drainage become faster

If you are suspecting that someone is hacking or tracking your cellphone device connected to the internet and you are insecure about your phone data, then check your battery status. You need to recharge your cellphone device and if you have got a faster battery drainage issue, then it is a clear chance that your phone is under surveillance.

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Presence of third party apps on your phone

The presence of third party applications is one of the most threatening situations because your phone should not have third party apps that are not approved by the play store. Third-party applications could be a spy app on your phone. You can go to the settings of your smartphone and check the cellphone apps. Now if you have seen an unknown application on the phone, then it might be hacking software.

Cellphone got heated

It happens most of the time when someone has installed TheOneSpy mobile spy on your cellphone somehow, and then your cellphone device got heated suddenly because of the working of the spy app at the backend.

Spike the data usage

The hidden, unseen, and undetectable surveillance apps can work on your phone backend and you cannot able to know that someone is keeping an eye on you and continuously stealing data available on your smartphone. Therefore, you can see a spike in data usage of your mobile device. Therefore, you can keep checking the data usage of the device.


It is one of the most popular causes when someone is trying to monitor, hack, and track your cellphone device. The use of the device becomes too slow and the device malfunctioning happens. The performance of your cellphone device got disturbed.

Background voices while listening calls

While you are talking with someone on cellphone calls if you are listening to voices, noises at the background of the call, then it is happening that someone is listening to and recording your cellphone calls by using someone kind of call recording app.

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Odd browsing activities

You need to make a check on the browsing activities of a cellphone device if you think that someone is doing surveillance on your smartphone, and then there will be an odd browsing history.

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How to safeguard your cellphone from surveillance?

There are the following things that you can do to protect your device from the surveillance software for cellphone device.

A factory reset is the first option

If you are sure that someone has done maliciously with your cellphone device, then you can do the factory reset of your device and it will clear all the data, and third-party applications installed on your cellphone device.

Update your smartphone device

The regularly updated cellphone used to receive and you should not ignore all these updates to make sure the safety of your device.

Use anti-virus application

Install an antivirus on your cellphone device to prevent the malicious activities on your cellphone device and to remove the spyware.

Use password, pin code & thumbprint lock 

You can use the password, pic-code and fingerprints lock to protect your device because people used to of leaving their phones unattended.


The above mentioned that we have presented you are fully tested and designed that helps you out to make sure the safety of your cellphone data and your privacy from hackers, and surveillance apps.

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