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Budget constraints or lack of adequate land might have led to designing some rooms smaller than the others. Some may want to have more rooms, in a small house, which can also result in less spacious rooms. As is the case, you can make the small rooms appear bigger through some simple techniques.


How can it be possible! You’ll be thinking. We will be elaborating on the hacks that will help you to organize your rooms to make it look bigger than it actually is. This article has been prepared after discussions with some of the leading interior designers in Ernakulam. You can also consult your architects or designers to clarify any kind of doubts. Alternatively, let us know the questions, doubts, and opinions through the comment box below this blog post. 

Here are some tricks and tips to transform your small room into a bigger 

Get Rid of Old Junk

Most of us have a habit of keeping things expecting to use it sometime in the future. Nevertheless, that “sometime” never arrives. And we continue to keep the items. It will be occupying a large space in our home. Try to locate the items, which haven’t been used even once in the last six months and sell them.


Avoid buying too Big Furniture

Too big cupboards, sofa sets, and chairs may not suit the size of the room. You can get small size chairs and sofas that will give equal comfort as bigger ones. It will be cheaper, as well as, occupy less space only. You can think of buying bigger items once you shift to a bigger house.

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Use Foldable Furniture

Using foldable furniture is another hack. You can open it whenever the requirement arises. Else, the furniture could be kept folded. Thereby, giving you enough space. This is a point many miss out. Nevertheless, using this idea you can have ample space in the room.


Use Bright Shades

Bright shades will reflect more light and will make the room appear spacious than actually, it is. You can check the difference between a shabbily painted room and a brightly painted one. The fact is darker shades will make even big rooms appear small.



Use mirrors intelligently to create a feeling of spaciousness. Of course, you cannot install mirrors around the room. However, putting it in the right place can make the room elegant and big. Check out with a professional interior designer if you want to get an idea about hanging mirrors correctly.


Ensure Maximum Natural Light

Natural light is essential for giving you adequate brightness during the daytime. The effect of sunlight is different from artificial lights. It will not only fill the room but also your heart. Design windows and doors accordingly, to get maximum light during the daytime.


Think of Vertical Stacking

Arranging cupboards vertically will be ideal. It will not spread across the room affecting your freedom or optimum usability of space. Vertical shelves are available for arranging in small rooms. If you are unable to find those readily, you may consider customizing the shelves available in the market or getting it manufactured exclusively.

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Match the Colour of the Furniture with the Wall

Matching the colours of the furniture with the wall will make the room appear bigger. The furniture will blend with the walls elegantly. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you give darker shades to the wall. Think of cloth upholstery on sofas and chairs that match the wall if you want.


Avoid Duplication of Items

You may check for single items with multiple utilities. At the same time, avoid buying different items with the same purpose. It is better to have one item providing many functions.


Think and Design Classically

It may be a difficult task for you to design the interior professionally. In that case, you can approach a professional interior designing firm or a freelancing professional to guide you regarding interior design. They will have enough experience to design the interiors according to your taste and requirement.


The Tail End:

By designing the interiors intelligently, you can overcome the issue of a smaller space.  In the end, it is your perception that matters. Living room interior designers focus on creating a sense of spaciousness. Approach an interior designer with a proven record of accomplishment today to get the interior designed intelligently.

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