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It is seen that more and more industries are adopting methods and techniques that use renewable energy. They aim to get a greener and safer future by launching environment-friendly activities. Electricity plays a vital role in preset days households because almost everything runs on power these days. Also, post the pandemic, most people are working from home so they need power all the more now. If there is no electricity, the entire household comes to a standstill.

It is a known fact that if the power of the sun is channelized well, it can be used to power up TVs, ACs, refrigerators, computers, ovens, etc. So, it is wise to make an investment in utilizing solar energy to generate power. You can research more on the internet about the solar inverter price in India to make a more intelligent and thoughtful decision. Using solar energy, you can not only reduce the carbon footprints but also help in reducing the dependency on a centralized power supply.

Benefits of Adopting Solar Power for a Home Scenario in India

  1. Increases the Property Value

If you equip your home with a solar power system, you can increase the value of your property and quote an attractive selling price. Along with regaining the initial cost of the solar systems while selling, you can receive a premium that will increase the return on your investment.

  1. Environment-friendly Option

If you generate energy using fossil fuels, then you will end up harming the environment. Solar energy is a renewable form of energy and is beneficial for the environment. Solar power is clean and doesn’t produce any air pollution, water pollution, and has no greenhouse effects. It is carbon-free and releases no harmful emissions when electricity is being produced using solar panels.

  1. Helps to Cut Down Additional Costs

Investing in solar panels can cause you to scratch your head initially but it can be treated as a worthy investment and it helps in saving a huge amount of money in the long run. You can even save on monthly electricity costs. Your dependency on the grid-based electricity system also reduces if you switch to solar electricity. This helps you save monthly on electricity bills. It is better to shift to an off-grid setup so that you can completely eliminate the electricity costs.

  1. Durable and Easy to Maintain

Solar power systems are durable and easy to maintain. Normally they function well for around 20 to 25 years if they are maintained well. Hence, it is justified to pay a good solar inverter price in India during the initial set-up because this investment is spread over for around 20 to 25 years.

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Rules to Follow While Choosing a Solar Panel or Inverter

Here are some rules which you should follow while going for a solar inverter or panel.

  • You should always go for a renowned and trusted brand.
  • Try to buy all equipment from the same brand so that they can function well.
  • Consider the cost while going for a solar inverter. It is seen that as the market for home-based solar energy is expanding, the prices have been steadily dropping. PV arrays are still considered a significant investment. You can even use an online solar calculator if you wish to make a correct estimation of solar pricing for your home.
  • Always look for the warranty period. It is seen that most solar systems offer warranties for 10 years, 15 years, and 25 years. so chose your inverter accordingly to the warranty period suitable for you.

Factors to Consider before Installing a Solar Power System

Before installing a solar system in your home, you should be aware of the various factors like-

  • What all equipment is required? A solar system mainly consists of inverter, solar panels, and batteries.
  • Basic considerations like calculating the approximate energy requirements, monthly and annual energy consumption, minimal shading, the direction of the roof, the amount of sunlight you receive, and optimizing the electrical wiring of the home.
  • You should also see how much solar panel coverage you will need to completely meet the needs of your power consumption. This will help you estimate the number of solar panels required in your home. It will also depend upon the amount of sunlight you receive and the complete energy consumption.
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Myths About Solar Energy in India

Some common myths about solar energy in the country are-

  • All solar systems keep on working at their maximum capacity even when there is no power.
  • Solar panels can easily get damaged by birds, wind, animals, and dirt.
  • Solar systems are very expensive so the majority of the population in the country cannot afford to own a solar power system.
  • Warm climates are better for solar power generation. But this is not true as solar panels do not completely shut off during the cloudy and rainy seasons. Even cities like Bangalore that have moderate annual temperatures are best suited for solar systems than warmer cities like Chennai.

Price of Solar Inverter in India

The typical pricing of a solar inverter is around Rs 6 to Rs 10 per Wp. The prices of a 12V inverter are different for different kinds of inverters. The high price range is around Rs 10,500, the mid-price range is Rs 6000, whereas the low price range inverters are around Rs 3,000. The difference in the prices of these inverters is due to the capacity of each inverter, the brand that manufacturers the inverters, and the type of solar system you have. Since the main role of solar inverters is to convert the electricity generated by the solar panel into usable energy, the price of the product depends majorly on how much electricity your household uses every day and which solar system you have installed in your home.


Many famous and reputed brands charge a decent solar inverter price in India. These brands are continuously involved n innovation and technology up-gradation due to which they are able to deliver affordable energy renewable products like solar inverters, solar batteries, etc.

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