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Modern home security is fantastic. You can monitor your property from a smartphone, automate lights, and so much more. This is all good news for the modern property owner, but what happens when you’re locked out? You’re left on the outside as the security system keeps you there. There’s nothing worse than being locked out after a hard day’s work, but we’re here to tell you what to do with these five simple steps.

Contact Household Members

If you live with other people, they most likely have a key. Before you start ringing the best Cardiff locksmith, get in touch with the rest of your household and tell them what a terrible time you’re having. If all goes to plan, they’ll come and get you back into the property. However, if you’re left outside for a long time, head to your neighbours and see if they’ll entertain you for a bit.

Call Any Spare Keyholders

It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with others, there may be someone out there with a spare key. Perhaps you gave a key to a friend so they could feed your dog while you’re away, and maybe they haven’t gotten around to giving it back yet? Now is the time to pick up the phone and see if they can let you in. Not only will this avoid hefty bills, but you can also get your key back and know your home is secure.

Ring the Landlord

If nobody can come to save you from the misery of being locked out, you may think it’s time to give Curley Locks Locksmiths a call. However, if you’re in rented accommodation, you can get in touch with your landlord and ask for a spare key. You will have to pay a charge for losing the key, but it’s much more affordable than breaking the door down.

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Search for an Open Window or Door

If you’re still left outside dreaming of last night’s leftovers, it might be time to search for an open door or window. The first place to check is the back door – you’ll be surprised how many people forget to lock the backdoor. Then, check for an open window and be prepared to climb.

If you manage to get into the property through an open window or door, give your house the once over to make sure no unwanted guests are lurking in the shadows. As well as this, you should probably let the nosey neighbour know what just happened; you don’t want the police showing up at the door.

Get in Touch with a Locksmith

By now, you’ve exhausted pretty much every option – short of breaking into your own home – which means it’s time to call Curley Locks to save the day. This reputable emergency locksmith based in Cardiff will have you back inside the door in no time.

When you’re locked out of the house, get in touch with anyone you can think of who might have a key. Failing this, give the best locksmiths Cardiff a call.

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