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It doesn’t need to pay thousands of dollars to take a trip on the trails and enjoy nature. Without costing a lot, you will get into mountain cycling. Within the envelope, you just need to know where to have reasonable hopes of what you will get. The best hardtail mountain bikes under $500 won’t get all the bells, whistles, springs, and sprockets that you might see on a $5,000 mountain bike, but they’re still a fantastic introduction to the sport.

These hardtail mountain bikes are the Best Bicycle For Long Distance, The entrance to the mountain bike world for most of us does not involve reaching jumps and speeding at expert-level speeds across rock gardens. It requires testing the nearby trail system, embracing peace and wildlife, and focusing on fundamental skills in managing. Both of these bikes are first-time, affordable bikes that help you learn the skills you need to develop as a mountain biker. These are the latest mountain bikes that cost less than $500.

1) Merax Hardtail-Mountain-Bicycles Merax Finiss Aluminum Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

Merax Finiss Aluminum Mountain Bike

Merax is one of the well-known manufacturers of motorcycles that manufactures reliable bikes at an effective cost. You can see the outstanding engineering and welding job when you continue to search on the parts. In addition, the drivetrain is durable and open to off-road driving.

I really appreciate the fact that both the rear and front wheels have mechanical disc brakes. Also without substantial tension on the brake levers, it creates a powerful stopping force. In addition, considering the bumpiness of the lane, its 80-mm front fork makes your ride smooth. This is one of the best mountain bikes under 500.


  • Accurate powertrain and shifters
  • Strong power for braking
  • Inexpensive price
  • The lightweight and durable bike frame and brilliant engineering on all components


  • The assembly phase will take some time and the brakes and gears require changes.
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Key Features:

  • RD-TZ50 Shimano
  • FD-TZ30 from Shimano
  • Double-wall rims of a wheel
  • Colour of frame: grey and green
  • Shimano’s 21-speed shifters
  • Disc Mechanical Brakes F/R
  • 80-mm front fork suspension


  • weight :44 lbs.
  • Frame: 19″ aluminium alloy
  • Wheel size: 26″
  • Hardtail Suspension-80-mm suspension fork
  • Gear: 21-speed

2) Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

It is a sleek new mountain bike with an average outstanding performance of less than $500 for rugged terrain and ’s highway performance. I like the frame because it is lighter than steel for extreme road roughness without losing sturdiness. The front and rear suspension are also very sensitive in reducing the trails’ shocks and stress.

The drivetrain is also of Shimano heritage, so you can rely on its strength and accuracy in any pedalling operation. As it has padded seats, dual shocks, and comfortable bike grips, it has undoubted comfort. In comparison, it comes at a price below $500, so it’s a buck bang.


  • On the rear cogs, active twist shifters and reliable gear shifting
  • Comfortable seat and frame that is robust
  • Strong power for braking
  • Off-road trip of excellence


  • Adjustment of the necessary brakes and gears during the assembly process

Key Features:

  • Alloy front wheels and front fast release
  • Front and rear suspension system Element
  • 21-speed twist shifters from SRAM
  • Rear derailleur Shimano
  • Front and back wheels, mechanical disc braking


  • Weight: 44
  • Frame: The 18′ aluminium alloy
  • Wheel size:29″
  • Dual suspension service
  • Gear: 21-speed

3) Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster Men’s

Aluminum Fat Bikes

For a price below $500, it is another fat-tire mountain bike. The best characteristic I like about it is its knobby tyres. It has more large lugs and wider grooves for fiercely biting on the stone. No worries as the tyres can do self-cleaning and maintain ample contact with the environment, whether it is dry or wet off-road.

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It is excellent when you look at the drivetrain, as it uses SRAM parts on par with Shimano. On the twist shifters and rear derailleur, there is correct gear shifting. Overall, because of its robust traction and sturdy frame, it is an outstanding bike.


  • Sporty looks and excellent momentum
  • Quick to assemble
  • Could fit multiple riders
  • The comfortable seat on the grips and a positive feeling


  • The brakes can be upgraded later.

Key Features:

  • Tektro front and rear disc brakes
  • Chair cushioned
  • 26″ x 4″ tyre specs
  • Grips for Anti-slip Bike
  • 16-speed drivetrain and shifters for SRAM
  • Post Seat-SP-214 400mm
  • Aluminium wheel rims with double-wall


  • Gear:16-speed
  • Frame:18” Aluminum alloy
  • Wheel size:26”
  • Weight:40 lbs
  • Suspension: Rigid

4) Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

It is still difficult to trail on the mountainside, but with a mountain bike like this, it would be less troublesome. This Kent bike model has a special dual suspension system that, considering the rockiness of your trail, retains your balance and comfort.

In addition to that because of its wider tread blocks and deeper grooves, its rough tyres can give you 100 per cent guarantee of solid grip on the road. With that when trailing on rocky or slippery tracks, it can do self-cleaning as well.

Its linear brakes operate well in terms of protection to slow down the speed and make fast stops at a lower cost. As the saddle is cushioned, and the handlebar is flexible, comfort is also well-noted for this MTB. It is a good MTB for balance and off-road, indeed.


  • At both the derailleur and grip shifters, correct gear transfer
  • The braking force is efficient and the brake levers respond with little effort.
  • Classic and appealing functions in painting
  • Affordable price below


  • It has no water bottle compartment and no kickstand
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Key Features:

  • Travel Fork Suspension 65-mm
  • Linear Brakes pull-up
  • 21-speed grip shifters from Shimano
  • Rear derailleur for Shimano Tourney
  • Mechanical disc brakes front and rear
  • Double-wall wheel rims allow for
  • Double blue tyres with wall rubber


  • Weight:40 lbs
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Wheel size:26”
  • Suspension: Dual suspension
  • Gear:21-speed

5) Raleigh Bicycles Talus 2 Recreational Mountain Bike 

Raleigh Bicycles Talus 2 Recreational Mountain Bike 

Raleigh is one of the popular bike brands. Due to its impressive efficiency, trendy looks, and inexpensive price, it has gained popularity. This bike model will match your recreational rides on the mountainside with friends and relatives.

Off-road travel is difficult, but it will be comfortable and straightforward with its knobby tyres and precise gear system. In order to bite efficiently on the ground, the tyres have wider tread blocks and broader channels. In addition, the change in gear is rather smooth and fast.

Its v-brakes are reliable and durable for safety reasons. To generate a more effective stopping force, pull harder on the brake levers. Meanwhile, because of the padded saddle and bike grips, comfort is never sacrificed.


  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Precise and smooth moving of gears
  • On diverse terrains, adequate tyre grip
  • Quick to direct and assemble
  • Strong power for braking


  • For now, it has one colour available,
  • Pedals are flimsy, though that can be changed later.

Key Features:

  • 6061 Butted Case in Aluminum
  • Shimano EZ-Fire shifters for grip
  • Derailing Shimano
  • Front and rear Aluminum v-brakes
  • Included fenders in the kit
  • Chair post and stem flexible


  • Wheel size:27.5”
  • Gear:24-speed
  • Frame:17” aluminium
  • Suspension: Hardtail – SR Sun 75-mm front fork
  • Weight:37.6 lbs

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